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Municipal in Milan, on Thursday yet another summit of the center-right. Now Forza Italia does not want Oscar di Montigny

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It is still a desperate search for the candidate for the center-right: on Thursday yet another summit is convened to choose the man – or woman – who will challenge Giuseppe Sala in the race to Palazzo Marino and compared to a few hours ago the cards on the table have changed again . So much so that, it is rumored inside Forza Italia, “it is not at all certain that Thursday will go out with the name of the candidate for mayor under the Madonnina”. The reason would be that the super favorite – the 52-year-old Milanese doc, Oscar di Montigny – would not have met the favor not only of Silvio Berlusconi, whom he should meet in person today in Arcore, but not even of the regional and municipal councilors of the Azzurri. In fact, in a meeting held on Saturday on Zoom, the President of Flowe and Value Strategy Officer of Banca Mediolanum as well as CEO of Mediolanum Comunicazione introduced himself to the entire Milanese and Lombard group of Forza Italia. But the presentation did not give the hoped-for results and Montigny, who by his own admission “never made any politics”, did not enthuse the audience. A source who wants to remain anonymous says that Ennio Doris’s son-in-law would have said bluntly “not knowing anything about politics”, so much so that he was forced to “search online for the founding principles of the center-right and center-left” to get an idea clearer. The fear, for the Azzurri, is that if a candidate not only would not bring home the result but would even stop in the first round – thus obtaining a percentage of votes too low for expectations – without even ending up in the ballot.

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For these reasons Forza Italia will return to propose Maurizio Lupi, former minister and aspiring candidate for several months, to Matteo Salvini and the Lega. A name that the Lega does not like: Salvini remains a supporter of di Montigny. Positions that today seem irreconcilable and that risk blowing up the table again, Thursday, without getting the coveted name. Unless Salvini and Berlusconi manage to pull a third name out of the hat besides Lupi and Montigny – who in any case, has not yet dissolved the reservation on his possible candidacy – that everyone agrees. On the other hand, at least for the moment, the possibility of a Lupi-di Montigny ticket with the latter deputy mayor is excluded.

And precisely on the position of deputy mayor this morning Gabriele Albertini reiterated his availability. “If they want me I have given my availability, then they are the ones who have to decide,” said the former Milanese mayor. About di Montigy he added: «I see Di Montigny well, he is a person with great motivation, he was fine where he was but he wants to spend himself for the city and I think that the ideal values ​​that move him are a solid argument for doing well. And if we can help him for things where concreteness and pragmatism are needed, someone who has already been mayor maybe can help him. However, it depends on whether they want it (the parties, ed) ». In recent days, however, some perplexities had been expressed on the name of Albertini deputy mayor on the part of Forza Italia, which did not like the “ballet” of the former mayor in deciding whether or not he was available for candidacy as mayor (later rejected).

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