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Murder of World War II veteran milkman in 1968 solved 56 years later

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Murder of World War II veteran milkman in 1968 solved 56 years later

Florida Milkman’s 1968 Homicide Finally Solved, Closing Oldest Cold Case in Indian River County

In a remarkable turn of events, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office has announced the closure of the oldest cold case in their history, the homicide of Hiram “Ross” Grayam. Fifty-six years after the Florida milkman failed to return home from his rounds and was found fatally shot execution-style, two people who claim the suspect confessed to them helped investigators finally determine who killed Grayam.

Hiram Grayam, a 47-year-old decorated World War II veteran and Purple Heart recipient, was last seen talking to two men who then got into his truck while on duty on April 11, 1968. The witness who saw him engage with the men informed authorities that Grayam announced he would return shortly, but he never did. The next day, his body and truck were discovered in a wooded area, sending shockwaves through the community.

For years, the case remained unsolved despite 16 different investigations. It wasn’t until 2006, when a family member requested a reopening of the case, that new leads began to emerge. An alleged confession letter from Thomas J. Williams, the suspected killer, surfaced after media coverage of the case. Williams denied involvement in the murder, but the investigation picked up pace.

Williams passed away in 2016, but two individuals came forward with crucial information before his death. They revealed that he had confessed to them about killing Grayam, shedding light on the long-pending mystery. The sheriff’s office also received a tip from an inmate at their jail, who claimed Williams had confessed to him as well, solidifying the case further.

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Sheriff Eric Flowers expressed his relief at finally closing this decades-old case but emphasized that there is still someone out there who knows more about what happened that day. Flowers urged the community to come forward with any additional information that could assist in fully resolving the case.

The events surrounding the “milkman homicide” case have provided a beacon of hope for families like the Grayams, ensuring that no victim is forgotten and no crime goes unpunished. The resolution of this long-standing cold case serves as a reminder that justice can prevail, no matter how much time has passed.

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