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Musk regains the throne of the world’s richest person

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Musk regains the throne of the world’s richest person

The CEO of Tesla and owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, is once again the richest in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, after the 2.64% drop in the price yesterday of the shares of the LVMH group, which has displaced the French businessman Bernard Arnault to the second position on the list.

According to the ranking of billionaires, the fortune attributed to Elon Musk would reach 192,000 million dollars (179,691 million euros), with an increase of 1,980 million dollars (1,853 million euros) in the last session and more than 55,000 million dollars (51,474 million euros) so far in 2023.

In the case of Bernard Arnault, according to the index data, his estimated fortune would be around 187,000 million dollars (175,012 million euros), with a fall of 5,250 million dollars (4,913 million euros) in the last day, but a increase of more than 24,000 million dollars (22,461 million euros) so far this year.

In the session on Wednesday, the shares of the French luxury group LVMH, controlled by more than 48% by the Arnault family, closed with a fall of 2.64%, while those of Tesla, controlled by just over a 13% by Musk, were up 1.38%. So far in 2023, LVMH shares are revalued by 17% and Tesla by 88%.

French tycoon Bernard Arnault overtook Musk for the first time on the wealth list last December, coinciding with the difficulties in the technology industry in contrast to the good performance of the luxury sector.

However, given the prospect of a slowdown in economic activity as a result of the impact of central bank rate hikes and lower-than-expected growth in China, the dynamism of the luxury sector is beginning to fade, which has weighed on LVMH’s price has increased by 10% since last April.

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On the other hand, it was indicated that the number of people with greater wealth has decreased and the value of their fortune registered the most significant drop in 10 years, according to an international study by the Capgemini consultancy.

The number of rich people in the world, defined by Capgemini as people whose available money – without the main residence – exceeds one million dollars, fell 3.3% in 2022 to stand at 21.7 million people, the cabinet calculated in a study published yesterday.

Logically, the value of his fortune also fell, with a total estimated wealth of 83 billion dollars, 3.6% less than last year./Europa Press

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