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my country’s title series reform tasks are generally completed

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The reporter learned from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on the 3rd that the “Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Professional Title System for Experimental Technical Talents” was issued recently.In the future, the experimental technical talents of schools and scientific research institutions will not be subject to rigid requirements for the number of papers and patents in the future. . So far,All the reform guidelines for the 27 professional title series have been issued, and my country’s professional title series reform tasks have been completed overall

“This is the first comprehensive and systematic reform of the current title system for more than 30 years, involving the vital interests of 80 million professional and technical talents. The establishment of a scientific talent evaluation mechanism will help establish the correct employment orientation, encourage and guide the development of talents, and mobilize the enthusiasm for talent innovation and creativity. , To play an important role in accelerating the construction of a talented country.” Liu Dongmei, deputy director of the Professional and Technical Personnel Management Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, told reporters.

According to reports, the title series reforms have improved the system, improved the evaluation standards, and innovated the evaluation mechanism.Set up positive senior titles for the first time for 11 titles of engineering, economics, and accounting , Nearly 30 million related professional and technical personnel have broken through the title “ceiling”; emerging occupations have been included in the scope of job title evaluation,13 new review majors such as artistic creative design, animation and game, sports protection division, express engineering, etc. were added, and 113 special review majors such as artificial intelligence, digital editing, ice and snow art, and study production were added everywhere.

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The successively released 27 professional title series of reform guidelines, clearly establishing the evaluation orientation based on morality, ability, and performance, paying more attention to performance achievements and actual contributions, using actual performance to judge heroes, and Lexus only the academic qualifications, qualifications, thesis, and awards tendencies .

For example, the evaluation of college teachers’ professional titles regards the performance of teachers’ ethics as the primary condition, notSCI、SSCI Relevant indicators such as theses are used as the direct basis for prerequisites and judgments; to strengthen medical ethics and practice evaluation of medical staff, and to dilute the requirements of thesis;Translation, actor, computer software and other majors have no requirements for academic qualifications, and the accounting and economics series are relaxed to high school , To further relax the academic requirements for difficult and remote areas and the grassroots front line; emphasize the quality of papers for researchers, and explore the implementation of a representative work system.

This reform has basically formed a system of professional titles with reasonable setting and scientific evaluation. It is understood that in the next step, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will supervise and guide all relevant departments in various regions to implement reforms, encourage bold innovations in various regions, continuously improve evaluation standards, give full play to the positive incentive role of talent evaluation, and promote more and better talents.

Reporter: Jiang Lin

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