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My Lahore Bachao – Naibaat

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My Lahore Bachao – Naibaat

What is happening in Lahore is not going well. In this city of flowers and poets, there are batons in the hands of those who came from other provinces, they are throwing petrol bombs at the police here, they have made the busiest road of the provincial capital into Nogo area and many nobles live here. The area is nougatriya. The matter is not limited only here but when these groups fought with the police, after that social media influencers of Tehreek-e-Insaaf started sharing personal pictures and home addresses of these police officers and personnel and started saying. That our workers are getting there. I regret to say that the tradition of reaching the houses of opponents was established many years ago when Jamaat-e-Islami held a rally at Ada Plot and I covered it as a reporter. Imran Khan also did the same thing a few years ago with his political opponents on Raiwind Road in Lahore. Two things are very important here, the first is that the difference in politics, the difference of opinion cannot be made into personal and family enmity and the second is that the public servant who participates in an operation is doing his duty. does not belong to his home, neighborhood or family at all. These are the red lines in any society and when crossed, everything falls apart.
When dozens of policemen, including a DIG, arrived at the hospital with serious injuries, the intensity of the aggression can be gauged from the fact that the number of Tehreek-e-Insaf workers was only ten percent among the injured who reached the Services Hospital. The matter continued to grow. Police officers passing through the canal near Zaman Park were targeted. Official vehicles were being broken into and thrown into the canal, and then they were being pulled out with batons. It was the whole picture that Lahore is not being allowed to remain Lahore, on which Punjab caretaker chief minister Mohsin Naqvi held a press conference. Even those who disagree with Mohsin Naqvi know that he is a troubled young man with a very slow temper. He is the owner of a big media network but he does not like to appear on the screen and he does not want to show off. I do not hesitate to say that Mohsin Naqvi was forced to say all these things that if he did not answer, he would not have paid the debt of love to his province and city, he would not have fulfilled his duty as the Chief Minister. The biggest proof of Mohsin Naqvi’s love for this city is that he was the first to give voice to this city which was mute before.
I look at the situation and come to the conclusion that the international establishment wants to destroy and destroy Pakistan through its actions, but for this it is necessary to set fire to Lahore first, to burn it if Lahore hates it. , burned in the fire of bigotry, this nineties became Karachi, then there is nothing left. Now Lahore is a city of love and tolerance. Its markets and neighborhoods are full of people from other provinces, especially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Business, sustenance, home and honor are being divided, but there is no wrinkle on the forehead of any Lahori and I want the fragrances to continue to spread in the city of flowers. No person or group should light this chaman for their personal, group and political interests. The political temperature in Lahore has gone too high and needs to be brought down. I question why Imran Khan is constantly present in Lahore, although when he was in power, he used to come to Lahore from Islamabad in the morning and return to Bani Gala in the evening, but now he is constantly camping here. . My friends say don’t do this, Pakistan belongs to everyone and everyone can live anywhere, but my answer is that we have to recognize regional units and identities. I have argued before and I will argue again that if groups of Punjabis are sitting in the same way in Peshawar, Charsadda and Bannu, making the areas into Nogwariyas, fighting police and raising political slogans, then the local people will not think about them. What will be thought, what will be said and what will be done to them?
I want to say that political leaders have to stay within their limits, they have to accept the constitution and the law. Imran Khan will have to appear in the courts without any show of force in the same way as he appeared in the Lahore High Court, what was wrong if he would have appeared in the court of Islamabad in the same way, but the show of force on this occasion is history. It has become a dark chapter. I want to ask the Punjab Police, FIA and other agencies to take strict action against those social media accounts that are sharing pictures of a professional officer like Malik Liaquat or an official like Malik Munir. PTI people are also sharing pictures of officers of sensitive institutions. I also want to say to leaders like Fawad Chaudhry that they have special protection because they belong to the community of lawyers and judges, but do they like this language which He used it in his tweets about caretaker chief minister. It is not only Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi but many people of PTI believe that he is leading Imran Khan towards the point of noturn. Imran Khan is not only destroying himself by the advice of Fawad Chaudhry. Also to the city that taught him cricket, in which he spent his childhood, boyhood and youth days. I am sad to say that they have opposed every single brick of construction and development in this city, be it metro or orange line, flyover or signal free corridor. Imran Khan has destroyed the reputation of every institution including army, judiciary, election commission by becoming the enemy’s hand. Now they are spreading the poison of hatred here through their followers. They are making the Lahoris a personal enemy of each other. He himself wants to make Altaf Hussain of Lahore and PTI into MQM of Lahore. They are leading attacks on people’s homes, but the people of Lahore have to save it from becoming the Karachi of the nineties. Dataki Sangri is the cradle of love and peace. Save me Lahore because if Lahore burns, Pakistan will burn.

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