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N-Soft Strengthens Digital Sovereignty and Business Intelligence with a New Partnership in Burundi – Capsud.net

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N-Soft Strengthens Digital Sovereignty and Business Intelligence with a New Partnership in Burundi – Capsud.net

BUJUMBURA, Burundi, February 21, 2024 /African Media Agency/ – N-Soft is set to revolutionize revenue mobilization in Burundi, a country of more than 13 million inhabitants with a growth rate of 4.0%, thanks to the imminent deployment of the Gambling Management System (GMS), its disruptive governance solution for the gambling sector. Due to the lack of transparency in the industry, millions of dollars of income go unreported and untaxed each year. Until now, national authorities lacked the governance technology needed to calculate sector gains accurately. This is why this partnership marks a significant collaboration between N-Soft, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce in Burundi.

The implementation of the system, planned for the coming weeks, will strengthen the National Lottery of Burundi (LONA) as the main user, and will supervise the eight existing gambling providers in the country. This project will take place in two phases, first focusing on lotteries, online platforms, sports betting and horse racing, and then expanding to casino operations, encompassing slot machines.

Léa NGABIRE, General Director of LONA, declared: “The implementation of N-Soft’s technological governance solutions to supervise the gambling sector in Burundi is a key step in our revenue mobilization strategy and in the restoration of our digital sovereignty. We are confident that we can now achieve our goals.” This endorsement from a senior civil servant highlights the crucial role of N-Soft’s intervention in establishing new standards of governance practices in the country.

The African gambling market size is expected to reach $2.14 billion in 2024 and $3.72 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 11.62% during the specified period (2024-2029) . This increase highlights the growing demand for sophisticated revenue mobilization solutions, positioning N-Soft as the preferred partner for states seeking to fully exploit the potential of their gaming sectors.

N-Soft’s Gambling Management System (GMS) is at the forefront of this revolution as it is designed to extract, process, compile and certify critical data, such as player registrations, results games and distribution of jackpots. By accurately calculating betting revenue, winnings and operator profits, N-Soft ensures complete visibility into every aspect of gaming activities, from sports betting to instant scratch cards.

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N-Soft is renowned for its rapid installation times, typically completing implementation of its solutions in just 13 weeks, and quickly generating value for users, providing in-depth training for smooth operability and ensuring that Sensitive data remains secure with local storage solutions. Additionally, N-Soft offers payment plans tailored to each nation’s unique needs, including a compensation model based on increased tax revenue generated by the use of the company’s governance solutions.

In countries like the DRC, Sierra Leone, Mozambique and several other nations, N-Soft’s innovative solutions represent much more than an increase in domestic income. They play an essential role in extracting economic intelligence and establishing digital sovereignty. By providing in-depth analyzes of gaming industry dynamics, N-Soft empowers governments with the data needed to make informed policy decisions, thereby fostering a more transparent business environment. This strategic approach positions these nations as attractive destinations for foreign investment. Investors looking for transparent, stable and well-regulated markets will find comfort in the strong digital governance frameworks established by N-Soft Technologies. N-Soft solutions go beyond sector supervision, they lay the foundations for sustainable economic growth.

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About N-Soft

Founded in 1986, N-Soft is a government technology (GouvTech) company that enables national authorities to obtain business intelligence, promote transparent business environments and mobilize more national revenue from various digital economic sectors. With ongoing operations in DRC, Sierra Leone and Mozambique, among others, N-Soft is positioned as the leading global provider of revenue mobilization solutions.

For further information or inquiries, please visit www.n-soft.com or email [email protected].

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