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Nairo summoned a press conference to talk about his future

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Nairo summoned a press conference to talk about his future

Julian Andres Santa

There is no doubt that the entire country was paralyzed and surprised when the information was released that Nairo Quintaba will step aside and retire from professionalism in the sport with which he has brought so much joy to the country. One of the main reasons would be due to the handling that has been given to his alleged doping by Tramadol in last year’s edition of the Tour de France, which has closed more than one door and affected his image, although he has explained in this situation more than once.

He cited a press conference

This is how the rumors will end tomorrow and Nairo himself quoted a press conference in which he will make all these issues clear and refer to what will happen with his future from now on. Remember that currently the Colombian was not signed by any team in Europe.

I hope he retires”: Dad

Luis Quintana, Nairo’s father, gave an interview to the newspaper El Tiempo, where he said: “The truth we haven’t talked about that recently. A long time ago we discussed the issue of retirement, but not lately. But these were not all his statements and he was also sincere: “I have wanted him to retire for a long time, hopefully he will retire, so that he can put aside those pressures he has on him.”

Finally, regarding the pressures that his father assures, his son has, he stated: “Nairo has given a lot to the country and in Europe they don’t treat him as he deserves, with all the successes he has given Colombia”.

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Is there a veto to Nairo?

Apparently it is not so unreasonable to think of a possible veto against the Colombian and the former cyclist stated so Johan Bruyneel, former sporting director of Lance Armstrong, who was in charge of denouncing this fact. “I know firsthand that there are teams that were interested in Nairo Quintana and they have to have an invitation. I told them: If you take Quintana, you don’t go to the Touralthough it is not suspended and it can really happen ”.


At 32 years old, Nairo Quintana has already been one of the most important cyclists in the history of Colombia, thanks to his great victories in the main races on the cycling planet.

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