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Napoli in a circle, the party with Spalletti and the players – Campania

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Napoli in a circle, the party with Spalletti and the players – Campania

Artists and gags for the artistic celebration of the Scudetto


(ANSA) – NAPLES, JUNE 04 – The players and Spalletti in a circle around Nino D’Angelo who sings the anthem of Naples. Smiles and runs (with the injured Gaetano carried on the shoulders of the evening’s presenter Stefano De Martino) like happy children for the extraordinary result.
The blue party goes on with a tribute from coach Spalletti to the fans. “Everything is easier with an audience like this.
Even if we do something wrong, with their heart and their love they make everything right”.
The party, the music, the laughter but also the memory of the immortals Pino Daniele and Massimo Troisi fill the evening attended by Maradona spectators but also those in front of the big screens in the city and in the province, in addition to Rai 2 spectators, with content.
Along the list of guests who alternate, offering emotions and touching the audience’s strings. From Arisa to Emma, ​​via Gigi D’Alessio, Tullio De Piscopo, Enzo Avitabile and the Bottari, Noa with the Solis String Quartet, James Senese, Sal Da Vinci, Clementino, Rosario Miraggio, Biagio Izzo, the actors of ‘Mare Fuori’ , Stash, the laughter ‘prayer’ of Cardinal Voiello, Silvio Orlando, Lina Sastri, Serena Autieri, Peppe Iodice in connection from the Curves. Many, with the risk of forgetting someone. And with Alessandro Siani who ironically takes charge of the discontent of the fans for the players not passing through the city on the open bus. “Next year – he says – to win the Champions League they will have to oust the Metro”. The party for the Napoli championship goes on until late. The microphone passes into the hands of Di Lorenzo who talks about the most exciting matches of this year. Then here are the best goals of top scorer Osimhen. To give prestige to the show again the performances of Massimiliano Gallo, Paolantoni, Andrea Sannino, Franco Ricciardi, Luchè, Tony Esposito. With the finale by Marisa Laurito and the players who sing with Spalletti all the songs that accompanied the Napoli matches. (ANSA).

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