Home News Narcotics, record of cocaine seizures (+ 47%). Rape drug boom

Narcotics, record of cocaine seizures (+ 47%). Rape drug boom

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Narcotics, record of cocaine seizures (+ 47%).  Rape drug boom

That of cocaine is a river in flood: more and more swollen, impetuous, unstoppable. With a thousand streams, now everywhere. The use of drugs, in general, is always higher. The pandemic had slowed this trend. But the report of the central anti-drug management at the PS department headed by Lamberto Giannini paints an impressive picture. The 2021 data is all up. “New business models” are being developed in the criminal affairs of drug traffickers. The digital dimension of the criminal process is accentuated. A boundless scenario, more and more threatening.

The boom in seizures

“2021 saw a strong and growing recovery in drug imports in storage places and, above all, towards final destination countries” says the document presented by the deputy head of the PS department, Vittorio Rizzi, and the director of the Antidroga Antonino Maggiore. “The data of drug seizures, on the other hand, shows an evident increase in overall volumes compared to the previous year: from 59 tons found in 2020, it rose to 91 tons in 2021, with a percentage increase of 54.04%, which, due to a significant increase in seizures of cocaine and cannabis derivatives, represents the fourth highest result since 2000 ».

Boundless dealing in “white powder”

The consumption and sale of cocaine, therefore, is a priority issue. Very alarming. “The detail of the increases signals a further record in cocaine seizures,” reads the report. «After the exploit of 2020, in which volumes had reached 13.6 tons, they reach the quota of 20.07 tons, an absolute milestone unprecedented in the past. The percentage increase compared to the previous year, which had already marked a considerable increase compared to 2019 (+ 64.25%) and 2018 (+ 127.76%), is 47.66% “. For the anti-drug it is a “dizzying trend”

Italy at the center of traffic

On cocaine, our country is not just a destination for delivery, marketing, dealing and consumption. From 2020 it is now confirmed “a” new “Mediterranean route which, after stopping at national ports (Gioia Tauro, first of all)” allows “ethnic criminal groups, in particular Albanians and Serbian-Montenegrins, to transfer the drug to the ports of ‘Balkan, Aegean and Black Sea area ». Thus “an operational scenario” emerges where Italy has become “a hub and passage to other drug consumption markets”. At stake are “the Balkan criminal organizations, capable of establishing close relationships with the criminal cartels of producers and the more structured associations of indigenous crime”.

Rape drug: kidnappings tripled

Among synthetic drugs in Italy there is a boom in the seizures of the so-called “rape drug”, tripled compared to 2020. “The balance of seizures of liquid substances is increasing compared to those concerning the quantities in dose or powder – reads – the seizures of Gbl amount to about 90 liters and more than 5 liters of Ghb, two powerful dissociative sedatives, sadly known for their use as “rape drugs” ». They are substances “returned to the forefront of the news for the discovery of a vast phenomenon of drug dealing perpetrated through online sales sites, which led to a tripling of seizures compared to the previous year”. The report shows that 32 new psychoactive substances have been ascertained, of which five have never been identified before in Italy. Produced with the aim of evading controls because they are not included in the international tables.

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