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Naren Daryanani’s reaction after leaving the House of Famous People

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Naren Daryanani’s reaction after leaving the House of Famous People

However, before leaving the recording set, The now former participant had the opportunity to sentence one of the famous people: his decision was that Miguel Melfi was the first nominee of the week, who until now served as the leader of one of the groups.

Prior to the announcement, This had not necessarily been an easy day for Daryanani, since in the previous trials that were carried out in the studio house, many of the famous people thought that it was better for him to leave. One of them was Culotauro, who made it clear that it was very difficult for her to trust him.

Another who expressed that he wanted Daryanani to leave the house was Juan David, who pointed out an episode of fight he had with Beto Arango and Culotauro, stating that it seemed like “betrayal” to him. Finally, before his departure was announced, Martha Isabel Bolaños said that despite knowing him for years, she preferred Mafe Walker to stay because her feminine energy was necessary.

Naren Daryanani’s most iconic roles

Several years ago, it was the role of Federico Franco with which Naren Daryanani rose to famesince it was not only the character with which he debuted on television but also with which he achieved great recognition.

However, he is not the only one, because even before he went through a difficult health situation that kept him away from television, The famous man managed to complete several projects such as: Class Apart (1994); The shadow of desire (1995-1996); Hunted (1996); Forbidden Heart (1998); The Storm (2005).

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In addition, she participated in other projects in which she stood out, such as “I’m going to teach you how to love” and “The Woman in the Mirror” (2004) or “Without breasts there is no paradise” and “Doña Bárbara” in 2008.

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