Home News Natale, Speranza: “Everything will depend on behavior and vaccines. Those who do not get vaccinated do not help the country “

Natale, Speranza: “Everything will depend on behavior and vaccines. Those who do not get vaccinated do not help the country “

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Minister Roberto Speranza does not mince words and goes straight to the heart of the problem: “If”, but “if we continue to insist on vaccine boosters and on the first doses and correct behaviors, we can limit any measures as much as possible: it depends on the our behavior and the vaccination campaign “. In short, from the Che tempo che fa program, the minister does not give any “discount” in view of the Christmas holidays but raises the issue of prudence and attention: after all, the situation in Europe is complicated with many countries from Holland to Austria who have already announced very strong restrictions. So, the vaccines chapter. Also for children. Also in this case Roberto Speranza is clear: “We await a pronouncement from Ema which will probably give the green light for vaccination between 5 and 11 years old”. In these hours there is a discussion to accompany this decision with a capacity for dialogue with families. With Ema’s ok, we will proceed above all to protect our families ».

Contagions are on the rise

Infections are on the rise, but hospitalizations and intensive care are currently under control, while third doses of the anti-Covid vaccine have almost reached 3 million. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza from the study of the broadcast “Che tempo che fa” warns: «In Italy the infections are growing and it is necessary to raise the levels of attention. We keep the existing rules, there is no doubt that we must monitor the evolution of the epidemiological picture, check the curve and adapt the measures to the trend of the epidemiological curve. And today – he underlined – we choose to speed up on the recalls ».

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No vax

Speranza then reiterated that “those who do not get vaccinated do not help themselves, others and our country”. “Getting vaccinated – he pointed out – is really fundamental, I think our Constitution gives us a non-negotiable message, a universalist system: if a person is ill, he is treated, it cannot be that those who are not vaccinated are not treated or treated differently” .

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