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Natalka Karpa sang the song Barefoot in a duet with stand-up comedian Vadym Dzyunko

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Natalka Karpa sang the song Barefoot in a duet with stand-up comedian Vadym Dzyunko

Ukrainian singer Natalka Karpa forced the network to start an active discussion about the new duet.

The artist presented a creative collaboration with the famous stand-up comedian Vadym Dzyunko (member of Stand up battle club). The summer novelty “Barefoot” was created after the star’s participation in one of the stand-up shows. They managed to find a common language with each other with humor and music.

«Natalka called me and decided to offer to sing in a duet, to which I immediately agreed. Most of my friends didn’t even believe it at first. The lyrics in this song are very simple and I was hesitant if she would like them. I especially want to note the creation process when Natalka picked up the harmony on the piano – I immediately started getting high from our tandem“, said Vadim.

The stars created an atmospheric video clip for the song, which was shot near Lviv. In it, in the format of a summer picnic, Natalka and Vadim spend time together. Actually, the hug forced the network to start discussing Karpa’s personal life.

We met Vadim at Stand up battle. I saw a very positive guy who, in my opinion, has a very good sense of what is popular and knows what a “hook” is (the musical feature of the work that is best remembered — Auth.). When we talked, I promised to do a collaboration. Many artists know how to promise and not deliver, but I’m not one of those. After Easter, I already called Vadim and we came to sound producer Andrii Bakun to record a demo. In a few days, a video clip was shot outside the city. In such a difficult time, I wanted to give a summer vibe (vibe is an emotional state that occurs during communication with someone, during contact with something – Auth.) to people So that everyone can rest and switch their attention, Natalka Karpa told “FACTS”.

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Earlier, “FACTS” published an exclusive interview with Natalka Karpa about the trials of war: “When I heard the roar of the planes, I just covered my daughter with myself and lay like that, I couldn’t move.”


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