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National Army joined the Valledupar parish dining room

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National Army joined the Valledupar parish dining room

The Comprehensive Action and Development Support Battalion No. 1 of the National Army joined the Cristo Llama a tu Puerta parish dining room in Valledupar, which belongs to the Las Tres Aves María church.

On this occasion our soldiers together with Father Francisco Arcila, who is in charge of directing this social work, were in charge of serving them breakfast and
lunch to about 50 homeless people, who from Monday to Friday come to said place in search of food.

Father Francisco and the other kind-hearted people not only feed the street people, they also wash their clothes, which in many cases
Sometimes it is very dirty. A task that they do with great devotion and under the motto “do good without looking at whom.”

During the day, the soldiers actively participated in the preparation and distribution of breakfasts and lunches, interacting in a close and empathetic manner with the beneficiaries of the parish dining room. The presence of the military not only provided material assistance, but also provided a message of support and solidarity to those facing difficult situations on the streets.

The Cristo Llama a tu Puerta parish dining room has been a beacon of hope and help for those most in need. Father Francisco Arcila has supported this initiative thanks to food donations from merchants, the community and the Food Bank of the Diocese of Valledupar.

Currently, thanks to the contribution of the soldiers of the National Army, its positive impact has been further strengthened. This action reflects the deep commitment of the Institution to the well-being of all citizens and the restoration of the social fabric.

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