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Navigator expiring at the end of April but a third extension appears

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Navigator expiring at the end of April but a third extension appears

There is the possibility of a new extension – the third – for just under 1,900 navigators who have a collaboration contract with Anpal services expiring at the end of April. At the table with the unions, the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, had set the goal of finding a definitive solution for these workers, made difficult however by the approach of the deadline of 30 April. A new appointment with CGIL, CISL and UIL and their categories has been set for April 27, after involving the regions and the ministry of the PA. In the absence of an agreement, from May 1 the navigators will remain unemployed.

The unions Nidil Cgil, Felsa Cisl and Uiltemp have left the meeting with the Minister of Labor “dissatisfied”: they are ready to organize principals under the ministry to obtain a structural solution and to stabilize the navigators.

The second extension last December

Two extensions have already been granted, the last last December (the previous one in April 2021), for navigators, who were hired in the summer of 2019 by Anpal Servizi with a collaboration contract that, between tabular remuneration and flat-rate reimbursements it is around 30 thousand euros gross per year. They are mostly young people, they have an average of 35 years, they are all graduates (the average is 107/110), and they passed a selective test before being hired as Cococo by Anpal Servizi. In the meantime, from 2,980 the navigators have dropped to less than 1,900: many have applied for calls from the regions for permanent positions at the same CPI where they previously worked as precarious workers.

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The original defect of the navigator operation

The “navigator” operation, it must be said, was born with an original defect. From the beginning, the regions did not look favorably on the entry into the regional employment centers of navigators, collaborators of another administration (the in-house company of Anpal), alongside their employees in taking charge of the recipients of the “employable” citizenship income. The results, in terms of job offerings, for citizenship income earners were disappointing, but certainly not the fault of the navigators alone. It is the whole system of active labor policies that has not worked so far, albeit with some positive exceptions: among the limits, the lack of dialogue between the databases of the various administrations involved, the employees of the employment centers in large mainly used for bureaucratic-administrative tasks and not trained to facilitate the meeting between supply and demand of work, undersized staff.

Within the year, the regions must take charge of 600,000 Gol earners

The problem, however, is that the employment centers are now called to an enormous challenge: to take charge by the end of the year of an audience of recipients of the national program of active policies Gol (guarantee employability of workers) financed with 4 , 4 billion of the NRP (and 500 million of React Eu). The government, which has pledged with Brussels to take charge of 300,000 Gol recipients by December, has set a higher bar for the regions: they must start 600,000 on training courses (subject to an assessment of skills). At the end of April, the first tranche of 660 million for the implementation of Gol should begin to arrive in the regions.

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