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‘Ndrangheta, DDA calls for trial for 80 nomadic gang suspects – News

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‘Ndrangheta, DDA calls for trial for 80 nomadic gang suspects – News

The DDA of Catanzaro has requested the indictment of 80 suspects in the investigation into the gypsy gang of the Calabrian capital. The investigating judge Chiara Esposito has set the preliminary hearing for next February 8th.

In particular, Luigi Vecceloque Pereloque, Massimo Bevilacqua, Luciano Bevilacqua, Vincenzo Berlingeri, Domenico Passalacqua (born in 1973), Ernesto Bevacqua and Massimo Berlingeri are accused of mafia-style criminal association, believed to be exponents of the Passalacqua/Bevilacqua clan “subject to control and to the lordship of the ‘Ndrangheta club in Isola Capo Rizzuto”.

The defendants are accused, in various capacities, of a long series of extortion, failure to comply with the sentence, weapons crimes, receiving stolen goods, robbery, theft and corruption. The investigation also includes drug trafficking which would have been directly linked to the Mannolo family of San Leonardo di Cutro where the logistical base for the supply and concealment of cocaine was located. The bridge was born thanks to kinship ties created between the Mannolo family and the Passalacqua family from Catanzaro.

Also involved in the investigation is an assistant of the penitentiary police serving in Catanzaro, Domenico Sacco, accused of having facilitated, through “active and/or passive conduct”, the dealing of cocaine. In particular, Sacco, in direct and continuous contact with the inmates of the Siano prison, “provided a decisive contribution to the functioning of the organization by guaranteeing assistance and conveying messages to the inmates” and also warning them about the possibility of them being intercepted. Among the crimes contested there is also corruption since Sacco would have been promised and given money and other gifts to bring unauthorized goods into prison or to convey messages.

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