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‘Ndrangheta: ‘Garbino’ investigation, thirteen arrests in the Crotone area – News

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‘Ndrangheta: ‘Garbino’ investigation, thirteen arrests in the Crotone area – News

The Catanzaro district investigating judge Gilda Danila Romano has issued 13 precautionary measures against as many suspects involved in the ‘Garbino’ investigation of the Catanzaro DDA which contemplates the alleged offenses committed by the Pullano gang of Isola Capo Rizzuto, allied with the powerful Arena gang. Last October 3, the Crotone Flying Squad carried out 11 arrests by the deputy prosecutors of the Catanzaro DDA Paolo Sirleo, Domenico Guarascio and Pasquale Mandolfino.

Compared to the arrest, the investigating judge ordered two more arrests involving Tommaso Rizzuti, 41 years old, known as Masino, and Antonio Rizzuti, 42 years old. The precautionary custody in prison was ordered in relation to an attempted extortion against a Cotronei company that installs drink and food vending machines.

The district investigating judge confirmed the order issued by the investigating judge of Crotone on 5 October and ordered the precautionary custody in prison of nine people and house arrest for two people. Domenico Cristodaro (Crotone, 41 years old) remains in prison; Domenico Godano (38 years old); Fiorello Maesano (54); Ferdinando Marchio (40); Tommaso Mercurio (58); Fabrizio Pullano (59); Francesco Pullano (43); Maurizio Pullano (29); Pietro Fiore Pullano (34 years old).

Pasquale Pullano (73) and Pasquale Morelli (76) are under house arrest. In the investigation, as confirmed by the investigating judge’s order, the lawyer and former regional councilor Ottavio Tesoriere, 70 years old, of the Crotone Bar (not subject to the measure) and two members of the Pullano family: Fabrizio Pullano, 59 years old, believed to be the head of the gang, and Pasquale Pullano, 73 years old.

According to the accusation, Tesoriere, candidate in the last regional elections, would have asked for the support of the gang by committing himself to ensuring that Fabrizio Pullano’s son obtains a disability pension and promising to procure contracts and assignments for his associates.

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