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Nearly 5,000 students have not yet been enrolled in Yopal schools – news

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That no student is left out of the educational system is a priority for the team of the Secretary of Education of Yopal, a job that has been carried out with teaching directors of all educational institutions in the capital.

Nearly 5,000 students have not yet been enrolled in Yopal’s educational institutions and this week is decisive for children and young people to avoid losing the first days of class.

From the Secretary of Education of Yopal, parents continue to be invited, in an act of love with their children, to go to educational institutions as soon as possible, to renew their registration (in the case of old students ) and in this way, that students start the school calendar without losing the contents that are addressed in the first days of classes.

Advance of 86.2%

When reviewing the Simat platform where the rectors must upload the enrollment data in each of their educational institutions, to date the advance in enrollment is 86.2 percent, so efforts continue to achieve to integrate into the school system, students who have not yet been enrolled.

“We are waiting with open arms for the students that are needed to enroll, because we know that this comprehensive and timely attention that children and adolescents receive in their learning processes is essential to strengthen various capacities and that our young people in the future can access higher education and function in their daily life, improving their social and economic conditions and those of their families”, explained the engineer Miryam Alvarado Barrera, Secretary of Education (e) of Yopal.

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Parents or guardians of students who until now will enter the educational system or who have changed their city of residence, are informed that they must go to the educational institution closest to their residence, to make the formal request, to start the enrollment process.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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