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Nearly 70% of the 2022 National Examination Enrollment Program recruits fresh graduates from today

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Original title: Nearly 70% of the 2022 National Entrance Examination Enrollment Program recruits fresh graduates

Chinanews client, Beijing, October 15th (Ren Jing) Starting today, the registration for the 2022 civil service examination by the central authority and its directly affiliated institutions has officially opened. This national examination plan enrolled 31,200 people, and the scale of recruitment increased significantly compared with the previous year. Among them, 21,000 programs specifically recruit fresh graduates, and the recruitment policy continues to favor fresh graduates and grassroots positions.

The enrollment scale of the national examination plan exceeds 30,000

Over a million people have registered for 13 consecutive years

On the 14th, the National Civil Service Bureau published the “Announcement on the Employment of Civil Servants for the 2022 Examination of Central Authorities and Its Directly-affiliated Institutions”. The announcement showed that applicants for the National Examination can be taken from 8:00 on October 15 to 18:00 on October 24. During the period, log on to the examination website to register and submit the application for examination.

The written test will be held on November 28, 2021. The administrative vocational ability test will be from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning, and the application will be conducted in the afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00.

Judging from the scale of recruitment, there are a total of 75 departments and 23 directly affiliated institutions participating in the recruitment. It is planned to recruit 31,200 people, compared with 24,000 people in 2020 and 25,700 people in 2021. The scale of recording exceeded the 30,000 mark, a significant increase.

In recent years, the enthusiasm for national exam registrations has continued to rise. Since 2009, the number of national exam applicants has exceeded one million for 13 consecutive years. With the further expansion of the national entrance examination, the enrollment of the national entrance examination may continue.

Policy is tilted towards fresh graduates and grassroots

Nearly 70% of the enrollment plan specifically recruits fresh students

According to the introduction of the National Civil Service Bureau, the recruitment plan and recruitment policy of this national examination continue to favor key populations and key regions. Among them, in accordance with the relevant decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on solidly doing the “six stability” work and fully implementing the “six guarantees” tasks, 21,000 plans have been arranged to recruit fresh graduates to serve and promote the employment of college graduates.

In fact, in recent years, whether it is national or provincial examinations, the characteristics of civil servant recruitment inclined to recent graduates have become more obvious.

“From the national examination data, in the recruitment plan, the proportion of recruits only for fresh graduates has increased from 39.17% in 2019 to 67.3% in 2022. This data shows that the civil service recruitment policy encourages fresh graduates Go to a grass-roots post to do a career.” said Zheng Wenzhao, an expert from the Huatu Education Research Institute.

In addition to leaning toward fresh graduates, this recruitment also continues to adhere to the grassroots orientation. More than 8,700 plans are added to directly affiliated institutions at the county (district) level and below in the western and difficult and remote areas. Measures such as restricting working years and experience lower the barriers to entry. The civil service recruitment policy encourages fresh graduates to do careers at the grassroots level, and encourages and guides the flow of talents to difficult and remote areas and the grassroots.

The recruitment announcement also clarified that for those recruited through preferential policies such as lowering the entry threshold, they should serve a minimum of 5 years (including probation period) in the difficult and remote county and township agencies within the jurisdiction of the city (prefecture, state, and league) they are applying for.

“This is to help the grassroots retain talent and solve the problem of difficulty in recruiting and retaining people at the grassroots level.” Professor Zhu Lijia of the Central Party School (National School of Administration) believes that the country’s civil servant recruitment policy has been encouraging in recent years. College students go to grass-roots posts to make contributions, on the one hand, provide college students with more diversified employment options, on the other hand, they are also constantly improving the competence and quality of the grassroots civil servants.

Accurate selection of talents

In-depth promotion of classification and grading examination

This time, the entrance examination will further promote the classification and grading examination. The written examination papers for public subjects will be divided into three categories, namely, from the previous “central organs and their provincial-level directly affiliated institutions, posts at the municipal (prefecture) level and below directly affiliated institutions” to “central organs and their provincial-level directly affiliated institutions comprehensive management category”. Positions, comprehensive management positions and administrative law enforcement positions in directly affiliated institutions at the city (prefecture) level and below.”

Zhu Lijia believes that the purpose of separately listing administrative law enforcement posts is to pass more targeted selection examinations, improve the legal literacy and law enforcement capabilities of administrative law enforcement personnel, and serve the rule of law.

According to Zheng Wenzhao’s analysis, in recent years, the recruitment and selection of civil servants has paid more attention to precision and science, further improved the quality of selection, promoted the classification and classification of examinations, and the scientific nature of selection has continued to increase, so that the selection is suitable for personnel and personnel.

According to the introduction of the National Civil Service Bureau, it highlights the ability to evaluate theoretical thinking, comprehensive analysis and other aspects of comprehensive management positions in central agencies and its provincial-level institutions, and highlights the implementation of comprehensive management positions in municipal (prefectural) level and below directly affiliated institutions. Ability in grassroots work and other aspects, highlighting the ability to handle affairs in accordance with the law and public services for administrative law enforcement positions.

In addition, the interview content will also closely follow the job content, nature, and characteristics of the recruitment agencies and recruitment positions, and focus on reflecting the different employment needs of different departments and different industries. Strengthen professional competence testing, 10 departments will organize professional subject written examinations at the written examination stage, and 52 departments will conduct professional competence tests at the interview stage.

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