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Neighborhood Committee blasphemed “His weakness is his son” Netizens were outraged|

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Neighborhood Committee blasphemed “His weakness is his son” Netizens were outraged|

[The Epoch Times, November 27, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Wang Xiang) In a video that began to circulate on the Internet on Friday (November 25), members of a neighborhood committee in a Beijing community discussed in private how to deal with disobedient residents. One of the slang words “His weakness is actually his son” once again aroused the public’s collective dissatisfaction with the harsh zero-clearing policy.

In May, a Shanghai resident said “We are the last generation” revealed the helplessness of many Chinese young people.

In the face of endless zero-clearing and control, the conflict between ordinary people and these staff who implement the control policy has become more and more intense.

A discussion video of members of a neighborhood committee in Changping District, Beijing (click) was uploaded on the Internet. The shooting date of the video shows 6:00 p.m.

In the video, the four discuss how to deal with disobedient residents in the jurisdiction. Someone suggested, “Find a dark place someday and detain him for 3 days!” A woman agreed, “We have the same idea. We have to lock him up for a few days… just to affect your son. Do you want your son?” His future? His weakness is actually his son.”

Another man went on to say: “Hats! Let’s use this hat to provoke trouble.” A bald man said, “Let’s see which hat suits him.” Another said: “Let’s see which hat suits him.”

This video stream caused public outrage on the Chinese Internet. Under the epidemic prevention and control, people cannot work and study normally, and their lives are greatly affected. At the same time, they have to bear additional costs such as high prices. The people are very resentful and resistant to the behavior of “shooting at the right time” and abusing power, and they are always worried that they will become the next target of rectification.

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Independent writer Xu Kaizhen questioned in a post on Weibo: “‘His weakness is his son’ is such a terrifying sound, I believe everyone’s spine will go whizzing when they hear it.”

“What’s more frightening is that it’s not the county magistrate, the mayor, or the president of the court who said this, but a neighborhood committee member that we usually don’t use as officials at all! Are you surprised that the power is rampant to such a barbaric level? Who Instigating? Who is behind the scenes?​​” he wrote.

“His weakness is actually his son” has become one of the most powerful words of the year. Some netizens expressed their opinions: “Our children are weak, so let’s not have children, okay?”

Chinese online media “Top News” reported that, as community residents, they called the Tiantongyuan South Sub-district Office in Changping District, Beijing to inquire about the content of the online transmission. The staff said that they had reported the situation to the relevant departments of the street. The department will investigate carefully.

However, a recent recording uploaded by netizens on Twitter shows that some citizens called the sub-district office, wanting to talk to them about the matter, but the staff who connected the phone pretended to be deaf and dumb to the call, faltering and refusing to reveal their names.

The video of Tiantongyuan Neighborhood Committee members has disappeared from the Chinese Internet. Many netizens called this video a “ghost meeting”. But on overseas social media Twitter, the video is still spreading.

Across China, anger and frustration over the zero-zero policy reached new heights and led to rare scenes of protests. There are signs that China is feeling the growing discontent among the public that it is stuck on top of the social heaviness and economic toll of the widening lockdown.

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Workers at the world‘s largest iPhone assembly plant clashed with security guards in hazmat suits this week in the central city of Zhengzhou over delayed bonuses and confusing rules governing the outbreak.

In Chongqing, in the southwestern region, a local resident publicly criticized COVID-19 policies and the lockdown of his community on Thursday. He said to the crowd who responded loudly that there is only one disease in this world, that is, lack of freedom and poverty. People nearby called him a “hero” and took him away from several police officers who tried to take him away.

On the same day, a fire broke out in a high-rise residential building in Jixiangyuan Community, Tianshan District, Urumqi, Xinjiang. The public questioned that the escape routes of residential buildings were tied up with iron wires, and the entrances and exits were blocked by iron piles, which led to delays in rescue. In addition, the government publicly lied about the incident that “the community is a low-risk area, and residents can go downstairs for activities”, which quickly aroused public accountability.

“The anger of the masses not only saw the compatriots in the disaster, but also saw their own (difficulty).” Some netizens left a message.

On Friday, the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang suddenly announced that the society was basically cleared. People interpreted that this is called “government credit is basically cleared.”

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