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Neighborhood Watch and Mutual Aid “Love Sharing Medicine Box” conveys strong neighborhood love

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December 26, 2022 16:25:45

Source: Leading News·Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Wang Xingguo, Cai Tao, Xing Hanfu

“Grandpa, take this pack of medicine, pay attention to the instructions and take it, and don’t take it with ibuprofen.” From the 22nd, Guotai Community, Qizheng Street, Nangang District, Harbin City has special difficulties such as the disabled, living alone, the elderly, and special support in the jurisdiction. The elderly distribute “love medicine packs” to improve the immune barrier of the elderly.

Volunteers in the community delivered “love medicine packs” to the elderly, learned more about their physical conditions, answered their questions about protection, reminded the elderly living alone and empty nesters to pay attention to the safety of household appliances and gas, and to wear masks when going out , Do a good job of personal protection. The “medicine collection window” is opened in the community, and special groups or family members who are convenient to move can collect it on their behalf. According to statistics, the Cathay Pacific community has distributed a total of more than 119 “love medicine packs” this time, which has solved the most urgent needs of the masses and further promoted the community. harmonious relationship.

Residents receive “Love Medicine Pack”

Some residents of Cathay Community actively responded to the community’s call for the “Neighborhood Watch and Mutual Help to Build a Love Medicine Box” initiative, carried forward the spirit of “Neighborhood Mutual Help” and donated their surplus medicines for colds, fevers, inflammations, and coughs to the community’s “Love Shared medicine box”, so that more people in need can get the required medicines in a timely manner. “Now everyone has changed from asking for help to buy medicines to ‘I want to donate medicines’, and the topic of discussion among our residents has also changed from what medicines I need urgently to what medicines are left in my family. Residents help each other, love relay, small children The small grid group played a big role at this time, weaving a neighborhood mutual aid network and building a solid wall for epidemic prevention.” Cathay Pacific community staff said with emotion.

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(The picture is provided by the interviewed unit)

Wang Xingguo, reporter Cai Tao, Xing Hanfu

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