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Nervesa, Fabio Vettori’s junta falls

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Nervesa, Fabio Vettori’s junta falls

The mayor of Nervesa, Fabio Vettori

The minority councilors resign together with a member of the majority and cause the political and administrative earthquake: the commissioner arrives

NERVESA. Fall of the Northern League of Nervesa. In the past few hours, the resignation of all six minority councilors together with that of Michele Reginato, majority councilor with responsibility for sport, have brought down the council and resigned the mayor Fabio Vettori one year after the natural expiration. Now the Prefectural Commissioner will arrive in Nervesa to manage the Municipality in this year that is missing from the deadline.

Therefore, the Northern League council led by Fabio Vettori, engineer, also president of Ats, fell. The crisis had begun a couple of months ago, when the councilor Ferruccio Rossi and the councilor Melissa Furlanetto, of Vivere Nervesa, had left the majority. Since then, the municipal administration was based on just one more vote.

Then the twist: together with Michele Reginato, Fiorenzo Berton, Marco Da Re ‘, Michele De Ruos of the “Berton Mayor” group, Ferruccio Rossi and Melissa Furlanetto of “Vivere Nervesa”, Davide Daniel of “Aria Nuova per Nervesa “: seven against six and everyone at home. The day before the mayor Fabio Vettori, who had smelled the wind, had had an hour and a half of conversation with Michele Reginato to try to convince him to stay: he did not succeed. (ef)

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