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Netanyahu praises US ‘correct position’ in vetoing Gaza truce request

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Netanyahu praises US ‘correct position’ in vetoing Gaza truce request

A Palestinian hugs a member of his family after being released as part of the deal between Israel and Hamas, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Nov. 26, 2023. Israeli authorities confirmed on Nov. 26 that 17 people who were held hostage by Hamas in Gaza had been freed in exchange for 39 Palestinian prisoners. Israel and Hamas had agreed to a four-day ceasefire brokered by Qatar, the United States and Egypt, which came into effect on November 24 and includes an agreement for the release of people held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip in exchange for Palestinians. detained in Israeli prisons. (Egypt, Qatar, Ramallah) EFE/EPA/ATEF SAFADI

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, today praised “the correct position” of the United States, which yesterday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

“I really appreciate the correct position that the United States adopted in the UN Security Council,” Netanyahu declared in a video released by his office, while continuing the 64th day of the Israeli Army’s offensive in the Strip against the Islamist group Hamas.

“Other countries should also understand that it is impossible, on the one hand, to support the elimination of Hamas, and on the other, to call for an end to the war that will prevent the elimination of Hamas,” the ruler said.

As he stressed, Israel will continue with “its just war” against Hamas “to achieve the war objectives it has set.”

Among these are the dismantling of the Islamist group and the eradication of all its power in the Palestinian enclave, so now Israel continues with a ground offensive that this week led it to expand operations to the south, in the city of Khan Younis, where now their forces continue to fight.

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This also generated a new displacement of Gazans even further to the south, in the city of Rafah, where masses of people are now accumulating in an extremely precarious situation.

The Israeli Army has designated a so-called ‘humanitarian zone’ in this town, called Al Mawasi and located rather on the coastline, where thousands of Palestinians are camped.

However, as the Army denounced today, Hamas continues to put the inhabitants of Gaza “in the line of fire”, and assured that the group fired “dozens of rockets from the humanitarian zone” that “often fail and put even more to the inhabitants of Gaza.

So far, after new deaths were recorded today, the Israeli ground offensive in the Palestinian enclave has left 97 soldiers dead.

The internally displaced in Gaza number almost 1.9 million, more than 80% of the total 2.3 million inhabitants, and more than a million of these are evacuated to the south.

The offensive in Gaza has so far left more than 17,700 Palestinians dead, while it is estimated that there are thousands of people under rubble, so the dead could be many more, according to Gazan authorities.

Just today, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the United States‘ veto of the United Nations resolution calling for a truce in Gaza, which was presented by the United Arab Emirates.

The United States, like Israel, argues that the ceasefire would help Hamas to rally, cement its power and continue the war in Gaza.

The vote on the resolution took place at the request of the UN Secretary General himself, António Guterres, who this week resorted to an exceptional mechanism in the founding charter of the United Nations to request the intervention of the Security Council in cases of serious threats to the peace and security in the world. EFE

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