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Netanyahu reveals his plan for a post-Hamas future in Gaza: these are the keys

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Netanyahu reveals his plan for a post-Hamas future in Gaza: these are the keys

Netanyahu Unveils Plan for Gaza’s Future

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed a comprehensive plan for the future of post-Hamas Gaza. The plan, which includes “complete demilitarization” of the enclave, “operational freedom of action” for the Israeli military, and a “zone of security” within Gaza, was presented to members of the Israeli security cabinet on Thursday night.

The plan also calls for Israel to close Gaza’s southern border with Egypt, effectively giving it full control of entry and exit from the enclave. Netanyahu’s proposal suggests that Israel will work to “cooperate to the extent possible” with Egypt and coordinate with the United States, but it is unclear whether approval has been obtained from Egypt for any part of the plan.

An Israeli official told CNN that the plan is “aligned” with the United States, but there has been no immediate official reaction from U.S. authorities to the proposal. The Prime Minister’s Office distributed the proposal to all cabinet members as a basis for debate in preparation for further discussions on the issue.

Netanyahu’s plan also includes an overhaul of Gaza’s civil administration and education systems, including the potential cutoff of Qatari funding to Gaza. It states that local entities managing public administration “will not be identified with countries or entities that support terrorism and will not receive payments from them.”

The plan also addresses the issue of recognition of a Palestinian state, with Israel reiterating its insistence that it will not be forced by the international community to recognize a Palestinian state. Netanyahu’s outline states that recognition of a Palestinian state now would be “an enormous reward for unprecedented terrorism.”

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The plan also emphasizes Israel’s opposition to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), stating that Israel will work to close the agency and replace it “with responsible international aid agencies.” Israel has accused a dozen UNRWA employees of being directly involved in a Hamas attack, and the agency employs about 13,000 people in Gaza.

Netanyahu’s plan will likely spark further debate and discussions among Israeli officials and the international community as the future of Gaza is considered.

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