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New and more renewable regasifiers: the recipe against expensive energy

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New and more renewable regasifiers: the recipe against expensive energy

Energy, sustainability and (near) future. These are the three themes intertwined in the conference promoted by the Knights of Labor. The main actors and protagonists of the world of business and politics, engaged in the theme of “Technology and innovation for an energy transition”, will be in the chair.

The Knights of Labor, with President Maurizio Sella, remarked “how the government led by Mario Draghi has done so much, and well, to face the numerous emergencies that Italy has had to face in the last year”. And all these efforts must not be thwarted. Among the most important and urgent commitments of the new government – says Sella – there will undoubtedly be the full implementation of the requests of the NRP. We hope that there will be no hesitation and that the path taken so far will be followed with punctuality and competence ».

The knot of Russian manipulation

Turning to the analysis of energy problems, there have been several “economic and technical contributing causes” since mid-2021, which have “accelerated and shifted demand” and “increased prices”, explained the president of Acciaierie d’Italia, Franco Bernabè. But “without Russia’s manipulation of the market, everything we have seen, with the explosion in prices, would not have happened.” Bernabé then added that “there has been a manipulation of the market by Russia which has stopped selling gas on the spot market and has prevented Germany from stockpiling before the war. So the sanctions weigh on all of us but the one who declared war on Europe, before Ukraine, was Russia with irresponsible behavior, also in terms of competitiveness ».

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Among the other causes of the energy crisis, Bernabè recalled “the exit from the pandemic which accelerated demand, drought, the lack of wind in the North Sea for renewables, the lack of water in Brazil”. As for gas – he says – “in two or three years Russia will not know where to place it, energy prices will collapse”. For Europe and Italy, therefore, “the next two years will be difficult but we must resist, we will have other energy sources”.

Other regasifiers from 2023

In the winter of 2022-2023 Eni will be able to “replace a little more than 50% of Russian gas”, in the winter of 2023-2024 it will reach 80% but “we absolutely need regasification plants”. While “in 2024-2025 we will have a surplus” of availability compared to Russian gas. So stated the CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi. In short, from 2023 onwards, the presence of regasifiers will be essential to replace supplies from Moscow.

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