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New government, how many chances does Salvini have to go to the Viminale?

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New government, how many chances does Salvini have to go to the Viminale?

It is said that Matteo Salvini does not give up, that his goal remains the return to the Viminale. And this continues to repeat more or less the Northern League close to the secretary even in the last few hours. Yet the hypothesis of an encore at the interior ministry is practically impassable and the first to know is Salvini himself.

The obstacle to the ongoing process

Without bringing up reconstructions that indicate in the past proximity to Vladimir Putin the obstacle to covering the encore in a “sensitive” ministry, it is the process for kidnapping against the leader of the League, the impassable wall that blocks his way to ‘ Internal: it is unthinkable that the head of state will be able to accept the nomination proposal.

How important is the negotiation

The question therefore to ask is why Salvini insists or rather makes his people insist on running him for the Interior Ministry. Certainly to raise the bar, to sit at the negotiating table with Giorgia Meloni and the allies of the center-right starting from the premise of having to be rewarded for not returning to the dicastery at the top of his always preferences. This aspect certainly exists but perhaps it is not the only one.

The queue of the election campaign

This insistence also aims to embarrass Meloni, to attribute to her the responsibility of this “no” to submit to vetoes placed elsewhere, in short, to undermine the image of autonomous prime minister even before he receives the post from the Head of State. Moreover, even the repeated requests to proceed with the budget deviation to mitigate the expensive energy on the bills go a bit in the same direction. It is as if Salvini was still in the electoral campaign and said: here I would like to guarantee you safety in the city, borders closed to immigrants and discounts on bills but instead she gets in the way. However, the elections have already taken place and the electoral verdict for the League was a resounding rejection.

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