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New Government, no Interior Ministry for Salvini. The other hypotheses, from Tajani to Nordio

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New Government, no Interior Ministry for Salvini.  The other hypotheses, from Tajani to Nordio

From the “night of redemption” to the silence of the next day. Giorgia Meloni chooses the absence and a low profile, a few hours after the triumph of her party shot to 26% in the political elections on 25 September. But the FDI leader is already working on the program and the government that she will probably lead. Waiting for the data from the proportional constituencies and above all for the decisions of the Quirinale, the Roman leader moves forward on the hottest dossiers. To make her “shake her wrists” (hers is the copyright of hers) are above all the public accounts to manage, and which risk becoming crucial also for relations with Europe. Hence the work on the government team, in particular on the most sensitive boxes alias the ministries of Economy, Interior, Defense, Justice and Foreign Affairs.

Hypothesis Panetta to the Economy

There are rumors that he would aim to place at least 14 members of his party and at the same time manage relations with the allies, Lega and Forza Italia, neither of them in a resigned version. Mouths sewn however on the ministers toto. For now, therefore, we are talking about criteria, with the preference for a purely political executive, as repeatedly reiterated in the electoral campaign. A separate discussion, however, on the Economy, a very delicate and highly anticipated choice from Europe and the markets. The goal is to have a figure of international prestige, but at the same time politically reliable. For some time i rumors report that as the successor of the Minister for the Economy Franco, FdI thinks of Fabio Panettaeconomist and former director general of the Bank of Italy, from 1 January 2020 member of the executive committee of the European Central Bank.

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Tajani aims at the Farnesina

In recent days, Meloni had two close talks with him. But according to several sources, at the moment Panetta would aim to lead the Bank of Italy, instead of Visco. However, the decidedly large numbers of the new majority could eventually convince Panetta to accept the post. Another armchair to choose is that of the Foreigners. In addition to the former ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, he is also aiming for us Antonio Tajani, thanks to its European experience with its moderate, pro-European and Atlanticist profile. Alternatively, the blue coordinator would think of the presidency of the Chamber or could ‘run’ for the defense.

A ministry to Salvini (but not the Interior Ministry)

Rumors say that Giorgia is negotiating with Matteo Salvini but also with the Venetian governor Luca Zaia, who admits the party’s disappointing performance. Meanwhile, the ‘captain’ could offer a ministry (but probably not the Interior Ministry). Giulia Bongiorno it would be another candidate name but not for Justice because it would point there Carlo Nordio, in share FdI. The next Minister of Constitutional Reforms, or the former President of the Senate, could also arrive from Fdi, Marcello Pera, newly elected to Palazzo Madama after the call of Meloni, who would like him to be the architect of the delicate semi-presidential reform of the Republic. Rumors give the executive – for their experience and skills – the current president of Copasir Adolfo Ursoe Fabio Rampelliformer Vice President of the Chamber, which could land on Infrastructures (or Cultural Heritage or the Environment).

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The other pawns

By Ignazio La Russaright hand of the leader of via della Scrofa, however, there could be a return to Defense, where he was already in 2008 with Berlusconi, or, according to the latest rumors, will hold the position of undersecretary to the presidency of the Council (with proxies to be defined and assigned later). Names that also circulate those of the blue senator, Licia Ronzullivery loyal to Arcore (to Health) and the president of the senators Anna Maria Berniniformer Minister for European Union Policies, while talking about Alessandro Cattane o, current head of the Forces Party Departments, for Economic Development as Deputy Minister. The name of the outgoing Undersecretary of Defense is also circulating, Giorgio Mulègiven papabile still to the Defense or to the South.

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