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New help for employees on paychecks in November

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New help for employees on paychecks in November

The Aid ter decree introduces a re-edition of the bonus already provided for by the first Aid for workers and pensioners decree. The difference is in the size of the check: it will not be more than 200 euros, like the one paid out from July – but of 150 euros – and according to Legislative Decree 144/2022 it will reach the beneficiaries from November onwards.

The audience shrinks from over 31 to 21.8 million Italians, because the income threshold for access has been lowered: apart from those who will get the 150 euros without income filters (such as the unemployed and beneficiaries of citizenship income) this Once the bonus will only be collected by those with an annual income of up to 20 thousand euros. Total expenditure is thus reduced from the 6.9 billion of the first aid decree to 3.27 billion for the 150 euros.

The largest number of beneficiaries of the 150 euros (8.3 million) is that of pensioners. They must be resident in Italy, have one or more pension treatments (including pension or social, disability, accompanying allowance with effect from 1 October) and have a personal income tax for 2021 within 20 thousand euros. The calculation does not include severance pay, the income from the dwelling house and arrears subject to separate taxation. Unless amended with the conversion law, which must be approved by the new Parliament, the 150 euro bonus will automatically come from the social security institution (INPS or other) with the November pension.

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The automatic allocation – with the November paycheck – is also foreseen for 6.7 million public and private employees, with monthly taxable wages, in the same month, of up to 1,538 euros. Beneficiaries must not be pensioners or citizenship income holders. The employer will pay the bonus, who will then compensate the expense with the contributions due to INPS.

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The 150 euros should arrive in November, directly on the current account, from the INPS, to domestic workers who have already benefited from the 200 euros, without new requests. These workers must have an active relationship as of September 24, 2022. The request for 200 euros, open to servants with income tax 2021 up to 35 thousand euros and an active relationship as of May 18, is still possible, through the INPS website, up to Friday 30 September. A single question therefore entitles you to a € 350 bonus.

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