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New mainstream blockbusters strongly lead the National Day movie to welcome a good start-Minnan.com

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From October 1st to 3rd, the box office of the National Day movie has exceeded 1.9 billion yuan, ushering in a good start. Judging from the current box office performance, the movie market sentiment is high. The powerful appeal of the new mainstream blockbusters “Changjin Lake” and “My Fathers and Me” ignited the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies. Whether it is the grandeur of the ice and snow wars, or the family-nation relationship that spans the ages, the National Day films have added more spiritual strength while attracting audiences. In addition, “Five Young Boys”, “Pipiru and Luxisi: The Canned Man”, “Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action”, “Detective Cat Mermaid Princess”, “Saving Donuts: Time and Space Rescue” Many films such as “Eagle Catch a Chick” appeared on National Day files, which not only warmed the film market, but also provided audiences with more options for watching movies.

1. Write patriotic enthusiasm and pay tribute to heroes and martyrs

“We have fought all the wars that should be fought, and our descendants won’t have to fight anymore.” On September 30, the film “Changjin Lake” with the story of the Battle of Changjin Lake in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea was released, attracting countless audiences. Tears in the theater.

The Battle of Changjin Lake was an unconventional war with a huge disparity in weaponry and equipment in an extremely harsh environment. Military writer and historical consultant for the film “Changjin Lake” Wang Shuzeng said: “This battle fully embodies the spirit of the Chinese sons and daughters desperately defending national interests in order to safeguard national dignity and safeguard the security of New China.”

The experience of serving in the army gave Chen Kaige a deeper understanding of the war against the United States to aid Korea and the mental outlook of the soldiers. As one of the directors of the film “Changjin Lake”, Chen Kaige is responsible for grasping the historical tone from a macro perspective. He said: “The War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea is like a flares or a signal flare, rising into the night sky of the 1950s and illuminating the future of the country. .”

Huang Jianxin, a director-general of the same military background, summed up his feelings about shooting this period of history with the words “great responsibility and glorious mission”.

The film “Changjin Lake” uses an epic technique to show the whole picture of the battle of Changjin Lake in a panoramic view, with a lot of effort in the macro perspective and historical details. At the same time, the film also portrays many volunteer soldiers with distinctive personalities. The exquisite and rich emotional portrayals are intertwined with bloody battle scenes, and the vivid miniatures of young volunteer soldiers are extracted. The film not only allows the audience to approach and understand the heroes who have died for the country, but also makes the audience remember why the motherland is intact and why the country is safe and peaceful today.

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The film’s chief producer Yu Dong said: “I hope that this movie will allow those martyrs who sacrificed for our younger generations to be remembered by more people. They are the cutest people and the’star’ that should be pursued most in this era! “

On the fourth day of its release, the box office of “Changjin Lake” has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, and its market performance and audience reputation continue to rise. “Regardless of the main creative team or the scale of production, “Changjin Lake” is the top match in Chinese movies.” Wei Guoyin, deputy general manager of Changying Wenchuan Company, said, “This film has given filmmakers and the film market a boost. , I believe it can set off another movie-watching craze.”

2. China Unicom’s three generations of audiences, old, middle and youth

Cut through from the perspective of small people, show the changes of the big time, and break through the creative form of the main theme movie. The “Me and My” series has accumulated a deep IP foundation and audience reputation. This time, “My Father and Me” is closely linked to the word “father”, with “family affection” as the core entry point of the film. Family affection is not only the emotional bond that maintains the two generations of parents and children, but also the emotional master through the four unit stories. Tune. From the iron cavalry during the War of Resistance Against Japan to the Chinese astronauts who arduously explored in the 1960s, from the first TV commercial in the reform and opening period to the building of a technological power in the new era, “Me and My Fathers” used four stories to connect the party. The four periods of a hundred years of glorious history also outline the consistent spiritual inheritance of the Chinese nation.

Shen Teng, director of the “Youth Walk” section of “My Fathers and Me”, said in an interview: “The movie shows the confidence and calmness of the Chinese people and the yearning and expectation for a better life.” The film has gained a few days since its release. A continuous sound of praise. Wang Chao, marketing director of the Central Store of China Film International Studios in Hefei, said: “The elders of many families feel that this movie takes the time as a chapter, reminiscing the struggle experience of the ordinary and great fathers in the four “small homes”. There are many memories of their youth.” Fan Yongcen, a staff member of the Tianhe Store in Optics Valley Pedestrian Street, China Film International Studios in Wuhan, shared the feedback she received from the audience: “Many parents said that the film did not preach, and it vividly showed the parents’ experience. The spirit of struggle is very suitable for children to watch.”

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Gao Chongwu, former president of the Sixth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. and former director of the Development Planning Department of Aerospace Science and Industry Group, had a lot of feelings about the second unit of “Poem”. He said: “As a person who has been engaged in the development of rocket engines for decades The old astronauts, the events that happened in the film are so familiar, let me travel through time and space and return to the passionate years.” In the film, there is a scene of interlaced time and space: the Shenzhou spacecraft that the astronaut’s daughter is already riding. She saw the first man-made satellite sliding past her. This ingenious detail made Gao Chongwu very emotional. This eternally twinkling star symbolizes the spirit of the aerospace fathers who have worked hard and selflessly dedicated to this star.

3. Realize “breaking the circle” with true feelings

Wu Dingming, an associate professor at the School of Communication of Fujian Normal University, was deeply impressed after watching the movie “Changjin Lake”. He said: “This movie gave me a more intuitive understanding of the war against the US-aid Korean War, and made me deeply feel the bravery and courage of the Chinese soldiers. Fearless and understand the integrity and spirit of the Chinese nation.”

As soon as the two new mainstream blockbusters went online, Zhu Yixuan, an associate professor at the School of Media and Communications at Northwest Normal University, walked into the cinema in Lanzhou. She praised the movies after watching them: “The Chinese spirit conveyed in these movies is the most moving and exciting. “Changjin Lake” has both the friendship of comrades fighting side by side and moving forward, and the feelings of family and country where hard-core warriors deliver their lives to the battlefield; “My Father and I” both make people feel warm and moving, but also In the light and joyful part, under the theme of’Little Family, Big Love’, the spirit of struggle passed down from generation to generation is moving.”

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On the day of the release of “My Father and Me”, a family of four Yang Junyi, a student in Class 6 of the fourth grade of Beijing Zhongde School, walked into the cinema to watch the film. Yang Junyi’s mother introduced that they would take the brothers and sisters to chase after the “Me and Mine” series for the first time every year, which became their “fixed program” during the National Day holiday each year. The second unit “Poetry” of “My Fathers and Me” impressed Yang Junyi. “Poetry” focuses on the first generation of astronauts who developed my country’s first artificial satellite. Their complex and passion for contributing their youth and life to China’s aerospace industry are condensed in a silently dedicated aerospace family. This point resonated deeply with Yang Junyi.

Ma Li, editor of Ningxia People’s Publishing House, summed up the feeling of watching “My Fathers and Me” as “Bitterness first and sweetness later”. She said: “The relaxed and humorous “Duck Prophet” and “Youth Walk” are full of vitality and imagination. Dissolved the sadness in front of me. After crying and laughing, I was particularly moved. From the founding of New China to the reform and opening up to today, our lives have really changed for the better and sweeter. Only by striving and making progress can we repay the martyrs. And the good life our parents created for us.”

Guo Tingting, a teacher at the No. 1 Middle School in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, was overwhelmed after watching “My Fathers and Me”. She said: “From the perspective of my fathers, this movie reproduces the memory of the Chinese people’s hard work and pursuit of happiness. It is full of passion. , There is warm nostalgia. Now our country is stronger and the people are more confident. Our generation must inherit the spirit of the predecessors and contribute to the development and construction of the motherland.”

In this year’s National Day file, the two new mainstream blockbusters, “Changjin Lake” and “My Fathers and Me” together form the first echelon of the box office, which effectively boosted the confidence of the industry and strongly demonstrated the strength of the industry. Both the film market and the audience can feel that the hope of Chinese films is still in the Chinese story. How to tell the Chinese story through different perspectives, different themes, and different methods, and strengthen cultural self-confidence, two new mainstream blockbusters give the answer.

(Reporter Niu Mengdi)

Original Title: New Mainstream Blockbuster Leads Strongly for National Day Movies

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