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New piece of Gucci’s reorganization: Alessio Vannetti returns to management

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New piece of Gucci’s reorganization: Alessio Vannetti returns to management

It seems that the new course has now begun Gucci. Looking forward to the debut of De Sarno Saturdaysuccessor of Alexander Michaelscheduled for 22 September, in full Milan fashion week, also continues the waltz on the managerial level of the Italian fashion house.

A new piece in the reorganization of the maison is the appointment of Alessio Vannetticoming from Valentino, as the new executive vice president and chief brand officer effective Monday, September 4. That of the manager actually represents a return to the ranks of the fashion house: from 2015 to 2020 Vannetti had already held the role of worldwide communications director, before moving on to Valentino.

Simultaneously with the return of Vannetti, who appears to be strongly supported by De Sarno, alongside whom he had worked at Valentino, Susan Chokachi, who has previously served as executive vice president and chief brand and brand client officer at Kering. For 25 years in the luxury group, the manager represented one of the leading faces in the ‘button room’ of the maison in the era Weirdjust finished.

The date of the new creative director’s test bench, in fact, coincides with Marco Bizzarri’s last day as CEO, following the earthquake that affected, as a whole, the number two in world luxury. If the Bizzarri era fades from Gucci, that of Frances Bellettini, appointed Kering Deputy CEO and as such responsible for the brand development of the group. A position that he will carry out alongside that of president and CEO of Yves Saint Laurentwhich he has held since 2013.

Meanwhile, the luxury conglomerate entered Valentino’s capital a month ago (and whether the repatriation of Vannetti has a correlation remains to be understood), taking over 30% as part of a “strategic partnership” that could lead to the full acquisition within 2028. A potentially strategic move watched with interest by the markets, although not sufficient, in the aftermath of the latest financial results published by the player, to overshadow the long-slowing performance of the flagship Gucci brand and to which the group’s performance in its complex is intertwined.

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To assess Gucci’s fate following the recent upheavals, all we have to do is wait to find out who will inherit Bizzarri’s job, and what his team will be, in addition to the stylistic imprint that De Sarno will soon leave, after the cumbersome reinvention carried out by Alexander Michael. For the moment, it will be the maison who will lead the maison in this transitional phase Jean-Francois Paluscurrently general manager of the Kering group and chosen as interim chief executive officer of Gucci.

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