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New Podcast Episode: Ethics and AI Research | TUCcurrent

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New Podcast Episode: Ethics and AI Research |  TUCcurrent

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In the new episode of “TUCscicast” Prof. Dr. Marco Ragni from Chemnitz University of Technology and Prof. Dr. Judith Simon from the University of Hamburg and member of the German Ethics Council on rules for dealing with AI technologies

The German Ethics Council recently opinion with the title “Humans and machines – challenges through artificial intelligence” and advocates clear rules for dealing with AI technologies.

Discuss conclusions and possible implications for AI research in the new episode of the science podcast “TUCscicast” Prof. Dr. Marco Ragni, Scientific Director of the Center for Man and Technology at the Technical University of Chemnitz, and Prof. Dr. Judith Simon, who holds the professorship for ethics in information technology at the University of Hamburg and is a member of the German Ethics Council.

The podcast can be listened to in a number of ways:

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The Podcast „TUCscicast“ is an innovative format of science communication at Chemnitz University of Technology, which was launched in 2018 by the only ongoing discussion podcast of a German university was. The “TUCscicast” is now firmly established in the podcast world and is both the subject of reports and a source for journalistic research. While the episodes of the first season already had an average of over 3,000 listeners per episode, access to the episodes of the fourth season rose to almost 600,000 total views between December 2021 and August 2022.

The media partner podcastproduceren.de in Leipzig is responsible for the technical editing. It is a sister company of the online radio detector.fm, which has been producing high-quality podcasts for business, media, society and research since 2009.

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Note: The TU Chemnitz is present in many media. The gives an impression of how they report about the university media review.

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