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New website scan for auto-configuration of data protection declarations in the tenant portal

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New website scan for auto-configuration of data protection declarations in the tenant portal

After 6 months of development, the IT law firm presents its clients with the new, fully automatic website scanner “EasyScan”. With just a few clicks, EasyScan searches websites for services relevant to data protection law and takes care of the configuration of the data protection declarations – at no additional cost. We present the new comfort function for clients.

I. Risk Rating and Auto-Configuration for Privacy Statements

The correct configuration of data protection declarations can be a difficult undertaking, especially for technical laypeople.

Uncertainties about which data protection-related services are used on one’s own website often lead to overwhelmed with many questions that must be answered in order for data protection declarations to be drafted correctly.

But thanks to a new comfort function in the client portal, such problems are now “old news“.

1.) EasyScan: Service detection and automatic configuration

After an intensive development, programming and test phase, the IT law firm is proud to be able to present “EasyScan” to its clients.

EasyScan is an intuitive, fully automated website scanner that searches the target presence of clients for data protection services with just a few clicks and automatically transfers the findings to the data protection configurator.

In addition, EasyScan automatically takes a risk assessment of the services found and shows clients whether and how the services found can be used in compliance with data protection regulations.

EasyScan already reliably recognizes this over 350 services and is of course continuously developed and enriched.

For the launch, EasyScan is available for online shops and websites without an ordering function with a “.de” domain.

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2.) EasyScan in future also for foreign domains and foreign-language data protection declarations

In the coming weeks, EasyScan will also be available for foreign language websites rolled out and then also supports clients in the configuration of foreign data protection declarations. This is something special Unique selling point of the scannerthe the Support for foreign language domains as currently the only scan service on the German market.

EasyScan is now available to clients in the client portal and can be used at no additional cost and without a scan limit.

To use the scanner, simply call up the data protection declaration to be configured in the client portal and enter the target domain:

EasyScan 1

After clicking on “Scan now”, “EasyScan” takes over the analysis of data protection-relevant functions on the domain and automatically feeds its results into the configuration proposal. This then only has to be checked before the fully configured data protection declaration can be called up.

II. Permanently secured topicality thanks to regular scans

The best:

After an initial scan, a regular scan be activated, which checks the scanned website at regular intervals for added or discontinued services and automatically proposes a reconfiguration of the data protection declaration:

EasyScan 2

Clients who have activated the regular scan are immediately informed of such deviations by email and can then update their data protection declarations with just a few clicks.

If websites are changed technically or functionally, clients no longer have to worry about manually adapting their data protection declarations.

III. EasyScan as an intuitive configuration aid

Thanks to EasyScan, clients can reliably check their presence for essential data protection-related services with just a few clicks and thus have their data protection declarations configured automatically in essential parts.

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The IT law firm is very pleased about the go-live and is confident that it will effectively meet the client’s need for intuitive and simplified, but at the same time legally secure, legal text management.

Are you interested in the legal protection of your Internet presence with professional legal support and would you like to benefit from the new EasyScan comfort service?

Then feel free to take a look at the Protection packages from the IT law firm from €5.90 plus VAT per month.

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