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​New Year’s Eve Dinner Celebrates New Year’s Popular Scenic Spots with Many Tourists

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​New Year’s Eve Dinner Celebrates New Year’s Popular Scenic Spots with Many Tourists

2023-01-26 06:55:22 Source: Shijiazhuang News Network

New Year’s Eve Dinner to Celebrate the Spring Festival Popular Attractions with Many Tourists

The city’s cultural and tourism activities are rich and exciting

The picture shows that on January 25, in the Longxing Temple Scenic Spot in the ancient city of Zhengding, tourists admired the national intangible cultural heritage Changshan War Drums to celebrate the New Year.Photo by reporter Zhang Xiaofeng


On January 25, tourists visited the Spring Festival Fair in Tumenguan Post Road Town, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City. Published by Xinhua News Agency (photo by Liang Zidong)

Decorate with lanterns and festoons to welcome the new year. During the Spring Festival, various tourist attractions in our city have carried out a variety of Spring Festival activities, intangible cultural heritage performances, food exhibitions and sales. Various activities not only set off the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival, but also attracted many tourists to check in and take pictures.

The festival is celebrated with lanterns and colorful lights, and the night is full of fiery trees and silver flowers. The streets and alleys of Zhengding Ancient City in Shijiazhuang are decorated with colorful lights. From the streets and alleys to squares and parks, all kinds of exquisite designs, novel modeling lights are hung high on the treetops and the main roads of the city. As the night falls and the lights come on, the lights of various colors complement each other, blending with the well-proportioned buildings. The lights are dim, the voices are buzzing, and the bright and gorgeous night is extraordinarily warm and amiable. In the dimly lit place, young girls are wearing Hanfu, walking through the antique streets and alleys, smiling like flowers, just like a beautiful picture scroll.

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Beating gongs and drums, dancing lions and dragons, this holiday, a variety of folk activities have also become the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in the ancient city of Zhengding. On the third day of the Lunar New Year, the Changshan War Drum at the gate of Kaiyuan Temple was beating, and the intangible cultural heritage performances in the scenic spot also attracted everyone’s attention. Seeing the beautiful scenery and tasting delicious food, people would not miss leaving. It is reported that there will be wonderful performances at the entrance of Longxing Temple and Zhaoyun Temple. At the beginning of the new year, Zhengding Garden Expo Park staged a large-scale immersive live-action performance of “Memory of the Ancient City·Meeting Zhengding”, leading the audience to walk into the long river of time, enjoy the fireworks show, and watch the beautiful lanterns. “There is a lucky rabbit parade for New Year’s greetings, and there is a cheongsam show. It is very lively, and it feels like a worthwhile trip.” Tourist Wenwen said.

Folklore performances, rural temple fairs, and cultural and tourism activities in Shijiazhuang Jingxing, Zanhuang, and Zhaoxian this year are also very rich. In the Zhaozhou Bridge Scenic Area, tourists can enjoy folk performances; in the Cangyan Mountain Scenic Area, tourists can climb mountains to hunt for treasure; “This year, Nanhengkou Ceramics Water Town has prepared a play snow park. The projects cover snow circles, skateboards, snowball fights, snowmen, etc.” The staff of the scenic spot introduced, “The water town will integrate folk performances, intangible cultural heritage, amusement facilities, social fire, Folklore programs such as dragon and lion dances are performed in different areas to create a big temple fair atmosphere during the Spring Festival and bring the Spring Festival back to the traditional flavor.”

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In Tumenguanyidao Town, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang, with the order of Xue Baoxiang, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage – “The auspicious time has come, hold the lanterns!”, various lanterns in the scenic spot are lit up, and traditional folk performances are staged one after another. The unique taste of the New Year in the north is vividly displayed, making the New Year of the Year of the Rabbit lively and jubilant. According to reports, from the second day to the sixth day of the new year, there are New Year’s activities here every morning with lucky rabbits, folk performances to celebrate the New Year in the afternoon, and iron flowers and lantern parades in the evening. “I am very happy, and the children are very excited. There is a strong sense of the New Year here.” “We came from Handan, and I feel that the New Year activities here are very atmospheric and very happy.” The tourist said with a smile.

The major cultural venues in the urban area are also full of people. In the Hebei Museum, the exhibition hall of “The Kingdom of Roses—Exhibition of Ancient Syrian Cultural Relics” is the most popular. The exhibition brings together exquisite cultural relics from 9 museums in Syria, and specially selects part of the collections of 3 cultural and museum institutions including the Dunhuang Academy in China to be displayed together. The number of exhibits reaches 198 pieces/group. Stepping into the exhibition hall, visitors seem to be stepping into a time tunnel. A piece of ancient and precious cultural relics are carefully displayed in the context of time, leading people back to the wonderful moments of history. “Syria’s splendid ancient cultural heritage is like the refreshing fragrance of roses, attracting everyone’s attention.” At the scene, many audience members said, “Many cultural relics are introduced as Syrian national treasures. It is worth visiting repeatedly and appreciating carefully.” In addition, provincial and municipal art galleries have also launched wonderful New Year’s Eve exhibitions, inviting citizens to celebrate the cultural new year. (Reporter Zhang Xiaojuan)

Xibaipo Holy Land, Splendid Zhengding City

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