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New Year’s violence in Milan, the 18 year old remains in prison

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Mahmoud Ibrahim must remain in prison, the 18-year-old arrested two days ago, together with a 21-year-old from Turin, in the Milanese investigation into sexual assaults in Piazza del Duomo on New Year’s Eve. This was decided by the investigating judge of Milan Raffaella Mascarino who validated the arrest and ordered the precautionary measure for the young man accused of group sexual violence, robbery and injuries in the investigations of the mobile squad, coordinated by the adjunct Letizia Mannella and by the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo.

In the order of custody in prison it is written that Mahmoud Ibrahim demonstrated “a clear and conscious adherence to the criminal project of the group of men who attacked” the victims “with a charge of violence so brutal that only thanks to the fortuitous intervention of some rescuers did not lead to further and more serious consequences “. According to the judge, the young man, who has a “marked dangerousness”, acted “in the manner of a ‘herd'” to satisfy “his own impulses, in contempt of any form of respect for the person”.

New Year’s violence in Milan, the video shot by the witness and delivered to the police

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