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New Year’s violence in Piazza Duomo in Milan, one of the victims: “They touched me everywhere, I was afraid of dying”

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The assaults by the herd on New Year’s Eve in Piazza del Duomo in Milan were carried out “with a charge of violence so brutal that only thanks to the fortuitous intervention of some rescuers” there were no “further and more serious consequences”. The investigating magistrate of Milan Raffaella Mascarino put it on paper, validating the arrest and custody in prison for the 18-year-old Egyptian Mahmoud Ibrahim, one of the ‘directors’ of group sexual violence, together with Abdallah Bouguedra. Even the 21-year-old, stuck in Turin, must remain in prison, as decided by the investigating judge of the Piedmontese capital, while not validating the arrest. Meanwhile, the order signed by the Milanese judge contains other chilling stories of what happened two weeks ago, even excluding the gory details of the abuses. “We were (…) overwhelmed by this horde – explained one of the four girls raped around midnight and a half near the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II -. We were pushed from behind, and we hit those in front who rejected us. , and I found myself on the ground, unable to get up and feeling suffocated, I began to think about dying. I was terrified with fear “. In the reconstructions, the way in which those “40-50” young people (18 searched in recent days) selected, hooked up, surrounded and attacked. Between the subway stop and the “Christmas tree”, the report reads, “a North African boy has begun to bother” one of the four friends, between 19 and 20 years old. “He often stood in front of her, trying to prevent her from walking – he explained – I had the feeling that, once my friend had pushed him away, he had gone to call his friends”. Shortly after, he added, “we were surrounded, and we found ourselves surrounded by North African people. In particular, I felt touched by those behind me, while others, positioned in front of me, turned their backs on me and screamed.” Another girl, always heard in the investigation coordinated by the adjunct Letizia Mannella and the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo, was unable to hold back her tears: “I remember at least 30 people, who touched me and pushed me (…) , I closed my eyes, as if to defend myself and, despite the thrusts and a stumbling block, I managed not to fall and get rid of the horde, probably with the strength of desperation “. The investigating judge recognized the “serious clues” against the 18-year-old in the case of the abuse of the four girls and the robbery of one of them. Elements based on the “univocal description carried out by all four”, on the “photographic” identification, on the finding in his home “of garments corresponding in all respects to those described”. It would have been he who started “to bother the four friends” and would have started the violence. For the investigating judge he must remain in prison, because he could escape, pollute the evidence and strike again, given his “marked danger” also because he acted to satisfy “impulses, in contempt of any form of respect for the person”. On him, however, there is insufficient evidence regarding the most serious episode against a 19-year-old and a friend of hers that took place at the corner with via Mazzini and whose video that documented it, made by a witness, it went viral. The latter violence led, instead, to pre-trial detention for Bouguedra. Meanwhile, the investigators have received two other complaints (they could soon increase) and the additional victims on which investigations are being carried out would be at least four, in addition to the nine already ascertained. The hearings continued today: checks are underway on the statements of two young people interviewed on TV, on alleged abuses against an English tourist and another girl. Finally, among the people to be identified, there is the one who is referred to in the minutes as a sort of “boss”.

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