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NEW YORK: Dominicans demand justice after fatal hit-and-run accident | AlMomento.net

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The community of New York is reeling after the tragic death of Robert Jiménez, a Dominican man who was fatally hit by a vehicle driven by a woman residing in Pennsylvania. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for justice from the victim’s relatives and friends.

According to reports, Jiménez was traveling on a passola on a street in the Bronx when he collided with the car driven by Lilisbeth Vásquez. Witnesses at the scene stated that Jiménez apologized to Vásquez after the accident, but instead of showing remorse, she callously replied, “You’ll see what I’m sorry,” before deliberately accelerating the car and running over him. Shockingly, Vásquez then fled the scene, leaving Jiménez gravely injured.

Thankfully, the authorities were able to track down and arrest Vásquez following the incident. However, the community is demanding justice for Jiménez and seeking to hold Vásquez accountable for her actions.

The tragic incident has left a deep impact on the community and has raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians and the need for accountability in cases of reckless driving. As the investigation into the incident continues, the family and friends of Robert Jiménez are left mourning his untimely and unjust death. The community is rallying together to support them and ensure that Vásquez faces the consequences of her actions.

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