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News Cameroon :: THE THEORY OF POLITICAL STATIONS :: Cameroon news

There is a recurring political culture in our society which erroneously suggests that the role of the political party is not the conquest of power but rather the conquest of the presidency of the Republic. This culture ensures that the presidential election appears as a whole that hides the other elections. In truth, power is not only in the Presidency of the Republic, but it is also in the Town Halls, in the Regions and in Parliament.

Some politicians take advantage of the people’s ignorance in political matters to talk about change from the top of the state, as if we could not already operate said change from our cities and neighborhoods. They pretend that everything is going wrong because the president is not living up to the expectations of the people and forget that the development of a nation begins at the bottom. This political culture which orients the people towards the summit of the State has failed for more than sixty years to produce fruits. The people must know that the power is as much below as above, to put it trivially. He must therefore strive to conquer it at this level to change his living conditions.

With decentralization, the powers of decentralized local authorities have been strengthened and a National School of Local Administration (NASLA) has been opened to train, as at ENAM, future administrators of decentralized local authorities. A project to create a local civil service is currently underway. Thus the employees of these communities will earn salaries that are sometimes higher than those of the central public service. These local authorities now benefit from the effective transfer of financial resources for their operation. The powers of the Mayor or those of the President of the Regional Council are extended because they now have colossal budgets for the development of their localities. In addition, if the monthly salaries of Mayors range from 250,000 Frs to 400,000 Frs, those of deputies are set at around one million francs and those of senators up to 1,500,000 Frs. Not to mention the benefits of any kind.

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It is common that in campaigns for municipal or legislative elections, voters do not even know the names of those for whom they are voting because it is the emblematic figure of the leader who is presented and behind whom the candidates who are little or not known. There is a political culture to be done for our people to awaken them and get them to choose in local or regional elections the candidate with the best profile and not just the political party represented by its charismatic leader. national.

We must teach our people, our activists and especially those who have political ambition, that any political party, like PADDEC, is a political travel agency whose vehicle carries the personal political ambitions of each taken individually. .

There are several Political Agencies that lead to municipal, regional, legislative, senatorial or presidential political destinations. Activists choose their political travel agencies according to their personal ambitions and according to the individual political capital of each. And of course, depending on their personal skills, their material and/or intellectual capital, everyone will leave at their destination station: Town Hall, Region, Deputation, Senate, Presidency of the Republic.

Thus any militant who aspires to occupy a political position chooses among the existing political Agencies the one likely to lead him there more surely. And if there is a traffic jam in an agency, he is free to choose the one that can take him to the same destination. An example to illustrate this assertion comes to us from the MKAM in YABASSI where Mayor Jacques MABOULA, a former militant of the CPDM, not having been invested by his party, obtained the nomination of the UFP party to successfully conquer the Town Hall. Further from us, in 1992, in Menoua, the Honorable TEINKELA Jean, seeing his party the CPDM in decline, and faced with the boycott of the legislative and municipal elections by the SDF, had resigned from his traditional party in which he was a deputy since 1965, the CPDM, to be invested by the UNDP and successfully conquer the deputation. He will return later at the end of his mandate to his original political party, when the wind will be more favourable: he was a political sphinx, a giant on whose shoulders I sat!

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At this stage, it is necessary to distinguish the political agencies whose stunt drivers can lead their militants into the political ravine, from those who lead them more surely to their destination in complete safety. Whether he tactically implements ideology or cunningly pretends to serve the people to capture the electorate, as is often the case, it remains true that the only engine that guides the Action in politics is personal interest before the interest of the people. People start with me plus you plus others. Politics is the art of directing the conduct of others and to do this, you must first be moved by a personal drive, a personal interest that drives you to action. It is misleading to believe that it is for the love of the people that one acts, because politics allows access to advantages of any kind from which the people are excluded. And it is precisely the promise of sharing these benefits with this people once elected that motivates them to choose such a leader in the hope that they will improve their living conditions.

Those who follow a political leader legitimately hope to receive political rewards, in terms of political positions, political profit such as the awarding of public contracts, advantages of any kind from which each will benefit individually, by affirming that he is at the service People. Yes, we serve the people but by serving ourselves first, and where the shoe pinches is when having reached a political destination, the beneficiary monopolizes everything without giving the minimum to the people who have precisely chosen him in the hope that his own living conditions will be improved. From where one sees that each one has a personal interest in the choice of the political exercise because as well the leader, as those which surround it or the people, each hopes for the improvement of its living conditions. It is a redistribution of the goods of the city in a transversal way: horizontal and vertical for the benefit of all.

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The leader therefore commits a serious political fault who aims for the presidential folding seat without worrying about those who accompany him in daily political action and whose various ambitions target the secondary stations that are the town halls or the parliament. This is all the more true as some only accompany him to take advantage of his aura in order to reach their own political station! Such a leader, whatever he denies it, demonstrates that he is only concerned with his personal interest and not with the interest of those who accompany him and even less with the interest of the people, because the he personal ambition of the leader must integrate the personal ambition of his militants.

We can dress up politics with all the words that claim to eradicate the evils of society, it will remain that personal ambition and self-interest are the driving force of action in this area. It is only when he arrives at his political station that the politician will be judged on his desire to change the living conditions of the people. And it is precisely there that the pleasure of politics lies, to serve the people, to lead the conduct of the other! It is the ultimate goal of the politician to inscribe his name in history by best serving, no longer himself, but affectively and effectively the people. It is indeed the people who will inscribe their name in the firmament and in the pantheon of the history of the men who have served the nation. Go down in history to become a legend through service to others. But to achieve this, it is necessary to choose the right political agency at the right time and to register on the electoral lists in order to have the right of citizenship during electoral deadlines.

Me MOMO John of God
National President of PADDEC

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