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News from the International Criminal Court in The Hague

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These lines are being written on the night of Thursday, February 29 and are intended to be published on Saturday, March 2. Meanwhile, on Friday night, March 1, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court, in the city of The Hague, Holland (Netherlands), will have issued the long-awaited decision according to which the investigation that the prosecutor of said court, Karim Khan, is carrying out in the case known as Venezuela 1 opened in 2021 to determine the guilt of the Venezuelan chain of command that ordered and ordered the execution of crimes against humanity committed in our country. This case results from the preliminary investigation opened in 2018 that has gone through several stages.

The case in which the decision will be issued is called Venezuela I because – believe it or not – the “Bolivarian” government itself in 2020 began another case known as Venezuela II in which it seeks to condemn the United States for crimes against humanity. which would consist of the adoption of sanctions.

The development of the case and the information obtained by those managing this matter allow us to anticipate that there is a good possibility that the Appeals Chamber will decide to continue the investigation already initiated by the prosecutor and appealed by Venezuela. If this is true, the case now moves to a phase in which obstacles and delays cannot be placed, as has been seen until now. It could also happen that the sentence had some conditions that we are not aware of today, but – having promoted the matter since 2018 – we anticipate that the investigation will continue and will move to the phase where the Court can issue summonses or arrest warrants to those responsible. of the chain of command, starting with Maduro and continuing to where the decision-making level ends. It is not about condemning the subordinate who tortured the victims, but about going to the vertex from which the criminal orders were issued.

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It is not that in these lines we are going to walk through the procedural aspects, but rather we will try to analyze what the political consequences may be that will result from the embarrassment that Maduro and his combo could be charged, tried and convicted for the most horrible crimes that exist. They wouldn’t be the first.

Without aspiring to become prophets like those of the Bible or to emulate the legendary 16th century French fortune teller Nostradamus, who was successful in predicting important political events, but having observed how the usurping regime has acted, we can anticipate with a certain degree of confidence. certainty what reactions can be expected.

It could be that Foreign Minister Yván Gil announces that the decision “was a triumph for the revolution” just as he did in previous defeats, or it could also be that Maduro thunders affirming that the Criminal Court is a “lackey of the colonial power”, or that the imperialism ordered the resolution and – why not – that Exxon is the one behind it, paying all the expenses. The person who writes this has been involved in the case from the beginning through Ciciven (International Committee against Impunity in Venezuela) with no resources and no resources, so much so that the president of the institution himself, the well-known compatriot and fighter William Cárdenas Rubio, You are paying your own expenses to be present at the hearing.

The next step will be the haughty ignorance of the sentence and the corresponding announcement that it will not be taken into account.

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This will be followed by the summary expulsion of the Court’s delegation scheduled to be installed in the country to collaborate in strengthening the national judicial system.

Then will come the announcement that the Bolivarian Republic is withdrawing from the Treaty of Rome (constituting the Court), not only accepted and signed by our country, but promoted by the most competent jurists and diplomats of the late seventies. They did the same by withdrawing from the OAS in 2017 when things turned ugly and withdrawing from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in 2013, evidencing the desire to withdraw from any commitment in this matter without taking into account that this means the isolation of the world of those who respect fundamental rights.

The verbal ingredient will not be missing from the shameless television program hosted by the “king of impunity” Diosdado Cabello, who had the courage to sue this newspaper for defamation with the consequence of stripping its owners not only of its physical headquarters in Los Cortijos but In addition, having achieved the largest compensation ever imposed by a Venezuelan court.

Meanwhile, Miraflores will receive the solidarity of the “democrats” of the continent and the world (Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Russia, Belarus, etc.) and will enjoy listening to each other at the Celac Summit that began yesterday in St. Vincent, whose speeches we can well guess in most cases before they occur.

Naturally there will be no shortage of tantrums over the sanctions and the efforts of the psychiatrist and his little sister to get out of the Barbados agreements.

The above is the table for this week and next. Analyze whether these symptoms are strength or weakness. Then he sends me a tweet and tells me.

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