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[News Highlights]Netizens appealed to save Li Ying | Xuzhou, Feng County | Dong Zhimin

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[News Highlights]Netizens appealed to save Li Ying | Xuzhou, Feng County | Dong Zhimin

[Epoch Times, February 21, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome everyone to pay attention to the news, I am Li Muyang. Today is Sunday, February 20th, ET, and Monday, February 21st, Asia Pacific.

Today’s focus: The Chain Girl is missing! There are no people in Xuzhou, Fengxian County; Li Ying was raped by officials to give birth, and Dong Zhimin raised children on behalf of the officials; Fengxian County has become a sensitive word; Dongji Village has become an isolated post, and mainland reporters are not allowed to enter; the personal experience of netizens, who are you next?

Today’s content is still related to the “8-child chain girl”. The chain girl Li Ying may no longer be in Xuzhou and has disappeared from people’s sight. Netizens revealed a lot of inside information, including the tragic fate of Li Ying before and after, and the tens of thousands of chain girls in Feng County, who may be collectively silenced. Everyone please follow and speak out for the rescue, because we are not sure who we will be next.

The Chain Girl is missing!No one in Xuzhou, Feng County

Yesterday’s news was a bit shocking, including the army’s blockade of Dongji Village, the mayor’s personal visit to the interrogation room to see the interrogation volunteers, and the shady scene that led to Xuzhou’s officialdom after Dong Zhimin’s confession. Therefore, after the video is uploaded to the Internet, there are nearly a thousand comments from the audience.

Later, I also received letters from many netizens. One of the netizens followed the content of yesterday and exposed the list of the entire members of the Jiangsu investigation team. In addition to Yin Weidong and Chen Hui mentioned yesterday, there are Gu Boli, deputy director of the Political Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, Wang Xiaohua, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Zhong Ping, director of the Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Xi Yufeng, vice chairman of the Jiangsu Women’s Federation, and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. Zhu Min, deputy director of the National Health Commission and director of the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Judging from this information, the netizens who broke the news are likely to be insiders within the Jiangsu provincial system, otherwise it would be impossible to know so clearly about the members of the investigation team. If this is someone in the system, then the following three points he said are worth noting.

Netizens introduced in the e-mail that Yin Weidong was “a discarded son of Jiangsu officialdom, insignificant” and could not move Xuzhou at all. The meaning contained here, I think netizens are implying that this investigation team is simply pretending, not to really solve the problem. This point, I have already analyzed in the previous program.

Netizens also pointed out, “Wang Xiaohua is in charge of child welfare because they are ready to receive seven children.” This news may also imply that Dong Zhimin has to stay in prison for a period of time. Of course, it is not necessarily because of rape, abuse and other crimes. It is likely to be an official of the Dong family and other Dong family who confessed to the “early adopters” of the purchased daughter-in-law. some secrets.

In addition, Dong Zhimin’s younger brother, who was called “Dong Er lame” by “Proud Girl”, may also have to “enter the palace for the second time”. Including Dong Zhimin’s mother, who instigated the breaking of the teeth of the “chain girl”, maybe she will also be retired in prison. It is hard to say whether she will survive.

The most important point is the third point, the friend said, “The woman has been transferred to another place, not in Fengxian, nor in Xuzhou.”

Coincidentally, “Proud Girl” posted two posts in a row earlier. First, “urgently seek help from the Chinese around the world: save Li Ying! It’s urgent!” Then he added, “Finally, I heard the news: People in Fengxian Mental Hospital don’t know where Li Ying is!!!”

Li Ying is what I call “chain girl”. Multiple evidences prove that the “chain girl” is Li Ying. But the authorities did not allow her to be Li Ying, because there are too many problems involved, which may shake the CCP regime.

These two messages have different sources, so they can corroborate each other. In other words, the Chain Girl is missing, but I’m sure she didn’t go by herself, because she has been guarded by layers and cannot have any chance.

In other words, she must have been secretly transferred by the Jiangsu authorities, but where she went, the outside world has no idea. This secret may only be known to a few people in Jiangsu.

What are they going to do when they secretly transfer the Chain Girl? Now the outside world can’t know. But do you remember? On the 11th, two netizens sent me an e-mail saying that the authorities wanted to perform a “lobotomy” on the Chainswoman, causing her to completely lose her memory and become a real lunatic.

Now that the Chain Girl has been quietly disappeared, I am very worried that the Jiangsu authorities have attacked her, and maybe we will never see the “Chain Girl” again. Therefore, I appeal to people in Jiangsu who know the truth, as long as there is still a little humanity, please expose the news of the “chain girl”.

Li Ying was raped by the official and gave birth to Dong Zhimin to raise a child on behalf of the official

A netizen wrote that “the woman in chains is Li Ying”. But after the establishment of an investigation team in Jiangsu, Li Ying’s “fate will be even more tragic.”

I read this article, and although the author stated that it was written after arranging all aspects of the news, I feel that this may be an insider. And it may be an insider in the system, because some of the things mentioned in the article and the analysis made are unlikely to be understood by ordinary people.It is not possible to make such a reasonable analysis

The article stated that there are several aspects that can confirm that “the girl in chains is Li Ying”. One is the information provided by face recognition technicians, and the facial features of the Chain Girl are highly matched with Li Ying; the second is that a portrait artist confirmed that the Chain Girl is Li Ying; the third is that netizens learned from the villagers of Dongji Village. , Tie Chain Girl herself told the villagers that her name was Li Ying, and the local villagers knew it; Fourth, Wang Shengqiang, a writer from the next town, also confirmed this, and said that he had a recording of the villagers.

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The article mentioned Li Ying’s tragic past experiences. They were first trafficked to Tongshan County (now renamed Tongshan District), Xuzhou City, and then resold to Feng County. Because Li Ying’s face was beautiful, her experience was especially tragic.

The article pointed out, “Li Ying is actually a sexual tool used by traffickers to bribe local cadres. Local cadres accept so many sexual bribes that it affects the lives of husbands and wives. A group of cadres’ family members have troubled the township government.”

I mentioned in a previous program that the family members of the township cadres made a fuss. It is also the news disclosed by informed netizens, which has been confirmed here.

The author pointed out, “Dong Zhimin was selected as the Pan Xia because he has experience in mutilating abducted and trafficked women to the point of silence. Traffickers and local cadres don’t have to worry about Li Ying’s escape and leaking secrets. Family planning in Jiangsu Province is strictly enforced, especially for Government officials. However, in Xuzhou and other places, the concept of patriarchal inheritance is deeply rooted. After local officials raped Li Ying and became pregnant, her son was born and raised by Dong Zhimin.”

Also in the previous episode, I also mentioned a point. Dong Zhimin once said to the villagers, “I recognize it when I was born, no matter who it is, I have to call me Dad”. And in front of Li Ying, there are at least two women, one is Yang Qingxia and the other is Xiaohuamei. Where have these two women gone? Was it poisoned by Dong Zhimin?

The article wrote, “After the news that Li Ying could give birth to a son spread among the local cadres, she was repeatedly raped and given birth by the cadres.” The author also mentioned, “Dong Zhimin was not punished for his birth, but instead received funds for poverty alleviation, all of which were local cadres. The result of their operation. Even if a poor rural family wants to raise a son to carry on the lineage, how can there be so many seven boys and one girl?”

The article pointed out, “The investigation team was established in the name of Jiangsu Province, and the central government is actually directing it. Staff members have been sent to Dongji Village to work in households, asking the villagers to deny what they said was Li Ying, and completely shut up.”

The article also pointed out, “The Internet deletes information and controls public opinion. Many Fengxian court judgments that do not allow abducted women to divorce have been deleted. The attention of Weibo and other self-media has been rapidly cooled. Some self-media celebrities, such as Deng Fei, have already Send out a message to admit that the Chain Girl is not Li Ying. This time, the control of public opinion will be strengthened and more comprehensive.”

The author finally pointed out that this time the investigation team took action, “Dong Zhimin will be severely sentenced, will arrest traffickers, and will also deal with a few minor officials. But he will never admit that Tie Chain Girl is Li Ying, and will not let Tie Chain Girl have memory and memory. The existence of a sober consciousness is to completely fool her.”

Some of the things mentioned in this article, many of which are confirmed. In particular, some of the details mentioned in it are completely unknown to the outside world, so I think this article is very credible, and I am more worried about Li Ying and the fate of other local women in chains.

Tens of thousands of iron chain female generals silenced? “Fengxian” has become a sensitive word

A netizen tweeted today (20th), “A Jiangsu police officer risked his death to send a message saying that the superior asked Fengxian not to send out women in chains. For this reason, Xuzhou seconded a large number of police from neighboring provinces and blocked Fengxian. The police We are secretly arresting and secretly detaining all the girls in chains from village to village.”

The post also appealed, “In order to prevent tens of thousands of women with chains from being collectively silenced, I urge netizens to pay attention. These women with chains have done nothing wrong, their only fault is that they were born in the land of hell. They can’t just be like this. out of this world“.

I still can’t confirm this news, but I believe in the evil of the CCP, and there is nothing it dares or cannot do. After the establishment of the Jiangsu Provincial Investigation Team, people have felt that the CCP’s actions to block and control speech are getting bigger and bigger.

There is a screenshot from the Internet, which seems to be what a teacher at Tsinghua University said. The above shows, “The phone call received yesterday. One of the teachers in this semester, one is counted as one, and all verbal notices are in place. It is required to be banned from talking about Xuzhou in the classroom, ‘violators will bear the consequences’.”

When the teacher mentioned “Xuzhou”, he used Chinese pinyin instead, apparently avoiding censorship. He also explained a little, “Attention, it’s in class, not in the group!” This means that you can’t say it in class, but you can say it in the group. But in fact, the ban on the Internet is stricter, otherwise he would not use Hanyu Pinyin to replace the word Xuzhou.

A netizen told me in an email that Weibo has closed the topic “#fengxian#” today (20th). Searching on Weibo, a sentence will pop up, “According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the topic page is not displayed.”

Feng County is not only a “crazy county”, but also a “closed county”. If there are no ghosts, why dare not see the sun? Why even “Fengxian” has become a sensitive word? Even Xuzhou is not allowed to mention it?

The independent writer “Jiang Lijun acts righteously because of his faith” posted a post on his Moments, “As expected: the Mad County Iron Chain Girl Incident, the national unified deployment began to silence, the day after the establishment of the investigation team, activists from all over the country have received calls from police stations, Delete all posts, pictures and videos about Tie Chain Girl, withdraw from the solidarity signature, or bear the consequences at your own risk. The first thing the investigation team did was to ask Deng Fei who gave him the photo of the marriage certificate.”

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“Jiang Lijun” wrote, “I asked the relevant personnel to tell the Jiangsu investigation team. The wedding photo that Deng Fei got was the first to be leaked. I accidentally entered the official website of the Fengxian Civil Affairs Bureau and found it in the archives of the marriage registration center. I thought it had to be made public, so I made it public! The leaking of the photo of the marriage certificate has nothing to do with the staff of the Fengxian Civil Affairs Bureau. If you want to investigate the truth, please come to me.”

I quoted “Proud Girl” and a netizen on the show yesterday, pointing out that the first thing the Jiangsu Provincial Investigation Team did after it was established was to track down who leaked the marriage certificate. It is said that dozens of people have been interviewed and asked to wait for the next round of hearings at any time.

I don’t know if the photo is from Jiang Lijun, but I don’t believe it. Not to mention not doing it, even if it is done, it is unlikely to admit it, because everyone knows that this is very dangerous, and everyone knows the evil of the CCP. I guess Jiang Lijun may have felt Deng Fei’s pressure.I want to share some relief for him

Today (20th), Deng Fei responded to a post “Free Blue Iris”. It said, “Don’t open your stomach to prove that you only ate a bowl of noodles. It is normal to doubt and support. Pull it out, stick to it, and do what you want to do. When the water flows, the flowers will bloom. “.

On the surface, Deng Fei expressed optimism, “Stay unswervingly and do what you have to do. The water will flow, and the flowers will bloom.” But the words “question and support are normal” made me I saw Deng Fei’s pressure.

In fact, under the rule of the CCP, every person with a conscience will feel some kind of pressure. The previous author has already mentioned that Deng Fei is “ready to admit that the Chain Girl is not Li Ying”, I believe that Deng Fei must be under enormous pressure. So it wouldn’t surprise me even if he said at some point “The Chain Girl is not Li Ying”.

A netizen created a painting “Lady in Chains” with the text, “You might think this painting is of Ladies in Chains, but she actually represents all Chinese people.”

It is said that Li Youwei, the former secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, wrote a poem “Battle in Xuzhou”. Whether the author is Li Youwei or not, there are different opinions on the Internet, some say yes, some say no. I don’t go into who the author is, because I know that just like there are bad people in ordinary people, there are also good people in the CCP system. The poem reads like this:

Liu Bang fought Xuzhou, and the Han family stayed in the world. Su Shi fought in Xuzhou to commemorate Su Huanglou. Our army fought Xuzhou, and Huaihai was victorious. Netizens are fighting Xuzhou, and Xuzhou has been shamed. The way of heaven cannot be destroyed, and the hearts of the people cannot be lost. The historical facts should not be covered up, and evil deeds will be investigated. The national war in Xuzhou, the dawn is ahead!

Reporters in the Orphaned Post System in Dongji Village are blocked

Below the program yesterday (19), there was such a message. A netizen said, “I’m not a little pink, I’m just an ordinary Chinese citizen who has been resident overseas because of work. I have always paid attention to this matter, whether it is true or false, false and true, but I personally think that , All public remarks, especially news reports, must seek truth from facts, instead of commenting on anything about this matter with any personal conjecture. After all, the eyes of the people are sharp, and evil does not oppose the right. All malicious Behavior, will be detected, but the time has not yet come.”

I think this friend speaks rationally, and I don’t believe he is a mindless person. However, his message seemed to contain some doubts about the authenticity of the content of the “News Watch” program.

I don’t know what to say. Please take a look at the situation of the mainland media “Hunan Satellite TV” Fengmang reporter directly attacking the incident of the mother of eight children. Yesterday, some netizens broke the news that Dongji Village has been blocked and “wrapped” with iron sheets. Let’s take a look at the interview with Hunan Satellite TV. Because the video has copyright issues, it can only be told by me.

At 12:30 noon yesterday, this group of reporters arrived at the Fengxian North Toll Station. At a distance of 1 km from Dongji Village, there is a so-called road card for epidemic prevention and control. The reporters’ cars were asked to turn around and could not enter the village. If they want to enter the village, only the people in the village will pick them up.

The group of reporters then took a detour to Yutai County in the neighboring province of Shandong Province, trying to get closer to Dongji Village, but it was also unsuccessful. At a position only a few hundred meters away from Dongji Village, you can see the houses of Dongji Village in the distance. But there is still a checkpoint more than 100 meters away from them, which is said to be epidemic prevention and control. But even if two codes and a negative nucleic acid certificate are presented, no one will be let into the village at that checkpoint.

From the on-the-spot interviews of these mainland media, it can be seen that Dongji Village has been completely closed, and it has become a lonely hill isolated from the outside world.

This is a documentary shot by a media reporter within the mainland system. I wonder if this friend will still question it. I have no intention of accusing this friend, I just hope he can see the truth about the “Chain Girl”.

The Jiangsu Provincial Investigation Team claimed to conduct a thorough investigation, but even the interviews with the memoirs within the system were blocked. Who would believe that they would conduct a thorough investigation? Who will believe what they say is true? If the authorities were transparent and could stand up to the public’s doubts, would there be so many “grass stories”?

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Netizens’ personal experience Who are you next?

Next, I will share with you the letters of several netizens, all of which are related to human trafficking. Yesterday (19th) the program introduced the personal experience of the Hong Kong friend whose hometown is in Shanghai. After seeing it, a friend sent me an email saying that she had also lived on Baochun Road, Xinzhuang Town, Minhang District before.

Netizens said in the email that the river with a north-south direction is called Beihengjing. Fifteen years ago, when cameras were not dense, there were more than one vicious incident of abduction and murder by the Beihengjing River. At that time, the police also posted signs on the streets of nearby communities to collect clues. In the memory of netizens, the notice posted on the side of the road looking for witnesses involved 2 children.

Netizens said that when they lived in that area at the time, although they were young, they still remembered one thing their elders talked about with their neighbors. There was a family whose child was abducted, who also lived in a nearby community at the time. After the child was lost, the father lost his head overnight and never heard of finding the child.

A friend from Taiwan, born in Zhangzhou, Fujian, asked me to call his nickname “Beginning with the End”. When he was seven or eight months old, he was almost abducted by human traffickers. This happened 35 years ago.

The father of “It Begins with the End” was a soldier in his early years and was assigned to work in the Railway Bureau after retiring. Once, his mother took him to where his father worked. At the time, his father was chatting with a colleague, and his mother stood aside with him in his arms.

This is an old woman who sells sugar cane. She took the initiative to chat with the mother of the netizen, and she also took the initiative to hold the baby. Unsuspecting, the mother gave the baby to the old woman.

At this time, my father’s colleague asked, “Didn’t you bring your son here today? Where is it?” The mother just said that someone was holding her for help, when she suddenly came back to her senses and couldn’t find the old woman. People immediately searched for it quickly, and when they were approaching the exit, they finally caught up with the old woman, took the baby back, and verbally scolded the old woman.

Another netizen told a story that happened in 1991. The netizen was 5 years old at the time and could already ride a small bicycle without auxiliary wheels.

Once a netizen rode a small bicycle to the candy store to buy candy, and the distance was only more than 100 meters. Because I just learned how to ride a bike, the bike rides very slowly. On the road, I met an old man who was “inquiring about the way”. The netizens didn’t know that he didn’t stop and he was still young. This is the old man taking out a square scarf from his pocket and covering the netizen’s mouth.

The netizen was so frightened that he hurriedly rode hard, but the old man didn’t cover his mouth, and was photographed on the back of the netizen. The old man has bad legs and has not caught up with netizens. When we got to the canteen, the netizen told the boss of the canteen about the situation, so the boss sent the netizen home and introduced the situation to the netizen’s parents.

During dinner, my mother found that the back of the netizen’s clothes was dirty, so she had to change and wash. I vaguely smelled a strange smell, so I got close and smelled it. Unexpectedly, the netizen’s mother fell asleep on the sofa and woke up after 2 hours of sleep. Netizens said that they later found out that it was “powder for shooting flowers”.

This is the situation shared by several netizens. This is the real Chinese society. Why does the Chain Girl give people a tearing pain? Because her story happened to almost everyone.

If you can go to the supermarket, you may become He Chenghui of Mianyang University of Science and Technology, who was knocked out and sold into the mountains for 17 years; if you go out to buy supper at night, you may become Cao Xiaoqing, who was abducted and sold to Inner Mongolia four times , and finally became mentally ill; if you stood in line to buy a ticket, you might become Gao Yanmin. After being abducted and sold, your father turned white and her mother became blind; if you were a “returnee”, you might become Chen Qian, looking for a job in Shanghai But he became Zhao Fuqiang’s sex slave…

You don’t know when in the future, who will become one of them, the leash girl. In a kennel-like environment, he was chained for 24 years.

In 1858, in Lourdes, a little-known town in France, a 14-year-old girl, Bernard, saw the Virgin Mary appear 18 times outside a cave. Since then, Lourdes has become the most famous Catholic pilgrimage site, where thousands of people pray or bathe in healing. After Bernard’s death, hundreds of years later, the naturally preserved remains are still intact.

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