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[News Highlights]US Ambassador to China: CCP has fatal flaws | NBA star | Burns | Li Yundi detained for prostitution

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[New Tang Dynasty News October 22, 2021, Beijing time]Hello, everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is October 21st (Thursday) Eastern Time, and October 22nd (Friday) Asian Time.

Today’s focus: The CCP is not credible “the most dangerous”, and the prospective ambassador to China has become a “hostile force”; the cooperation between Europe and Taiwan has taken great strides, and the CCP has been strongly stimulated; NBA stars support Tibet and call Beijing dictatorship; “Glass Heart” sets a new record , Little Pink’s heart was broken; Li Yundi was detained for prostitution, and the official media named him.

60 seconds news

On the 21st, British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace asked the Chinese authorities to resolve the Taiwan issue by peaceful means. He warned that China’s invasion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone is a dangerous act and may detonate a conflict.

The Afghan capital Kabul suffered a power cut at more than 6 pm on the 21st, and Kabul, with a population of more than 4.5 million, plunged into darkness. The cause was an explosion that destroyed an electric tower in Kabul province and cut off a 220kV power transmission line. The cause of the explosion is still unclear. If it is proved to be an attack, it will further prove that the hard-line militants are using their own way to rule their lives.

At around 8:20 in the morning on the 21st, a gas explosion occurred at the Wangerniu Grilled Bone Shop at the intersection of Taiyuan South Street and Nanqima Road, Heping District, Shenyang. So far, at least 4 people have been killed, 3 people have been seriously injured, and 44 people have been slightly injured. Cause of the accident is being investigated.

The British “Financial Times” reported on the 20th that the Chinese military conducted two hypersonic weapon tests this summer. One time was at the end of July and one time was August 13th. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China denied this.

More than a dozen people, including Li Wenzu, Wang Qiaoling, and Ye Jinghuan, the family of human rights lawyers in the 709 case that announced their participation in the election of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, have been subject to various restrictions by CCP officials. Ye Jinghuan told Free Asia on the 21st that some of them were under house arrest and some were forced to travel.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on October 21, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) globally reached 479,033, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 242,786,366; 9,157 deaths in a single day, The cumulative total number of deaths is 4,937,410.

Let’s enter today’s topic.

Today’s content is mostly about the Chinese Communist Party’s injuries and Xiao Pink’s injuries. Among them, the US ambassador to China regards the CCP as the “most dangerous opponent”, reminds people that the CCP cannot be trusted, and calls for the expansion of arms sales to Taiwan, etc., which infuriated the CCP. Before he took office, he exchanged fire with the CCP. It is estimated that there will be a good show in the future.

Little Pink has more injuries. With the exception of the United States, the European Parliament passed the “Europe-Taiwan Political Cooperation” report with an overwhelming number of votes. This is a significant move. In addition, the NBA center called Beijing leaders a “barbaric dictator.” The number of viewers of “Glass Heart” exceeded 10 million. In particular, Li Yundi, who is highly praised by the Chinese Communist Party, had prostituted and was detained. These may hurt Little Pink.

Before taking office, anger CCP Burns into a “hostile force”

Today (21st) the CCP is not happy again. It sent Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin to respond to the remarks made by US Ambassador to China Burns. Wang Wenbin stated that Burns’s “relevant remarks are full of Cold War zero-sum thinking and are seriously inconsistent with the facts. China firmly opposes this.”

“Zero-sum thinking” is a concept in game theory. It means that the two sides play a game, how much one side gains, how much the other side necessarily loses, the sum of the gains and losses of both sides, the total is “zero”.

At the press conference, Wang Wenbin responded to a question from a reporter from the South China Morning Post and stated that the CCP follows the path of “peaceful development” and opposes “defining Sino-US relations by competition.” Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet are “the internal affairs of the Communist Party of China” and cannot allow “foreign forces” to interfere.

Wang Wenbin claimed that “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory” and the US “should believe in what it says.” He also claimed that “the so-called genocide in Xinjiang is an actual lie concocted by a small number of Western anti-China scholars and American politicians” with the purpose of “suppressing and containing” the development of the CCP.

Regarding the tracing of the CCP virus, Wang Wenbin said that the CCP “always in an open, transparent and responsible attitude” to share epidemic information with the WHO and the international community. The intentions of a few American politicians to “stigmatize” the CCP are well known.

Wang Wenbin also “advised” Burns, hoping that Burns would “recognize the general development trend of the world and the aspirations of the international community, understand the actual situation in China objectively,” and “play a constructive role” in promoting Sino-US relations, and so on.

Wang Wenbin’s response on behalf of the CCP was quite tough, and his criticism of Burns was quite sharp. He said that the issues of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet should not allow any “foreign forces” to interfere. Although this statement is not straightforward, it actually means that the CCP regards Burns as a foreign hostile force.

This is a very interesting situation. Undoubtedly, on behalf of the CCP, Wang Wenbin has clearly conveyed the message: The CCP “does not welcome” Burns very much. In other words, the CCP had already choked on Burns before he took office.

However, it may not be shifted by the will of the CCP. The U.S. Senate is likely to confirm his appointment, and it may pass with a high number of votes. Because the two parties and houses of the United States seem to regard being tough on the CCP as “politically correct,” this is also one of the few intersections between the two parties.

If Burns is officially appointed as the ambassador to China, I don’t know how he will deal with Beijing. Perhaps we will often see Burns, who has penetrated into the hinterland of the CCP, criticizes the CCP more sharply and severely, which will make the CCP like a man on its back.

So what exactly did Burns say that angered the CCP?

The CCP’s fatal flaws and beauty have major advantages

Yesterday (20th), the Senate held a hearing on Burns’ appointment. The prospective ambassador to China demonstrated his tough stance when dealing with Beijing.

Burns first talked about U.S.-China relations. He believed that “fundamental changes” had taken place in U.S.-China relations and it was “impossible to go back in time.” We are now in a “completely new era,” and US-China relations will be the biggest geopolitical test of the 21st century.

He repeated the Biden administration’s policy towards the CCP, “Compete when we should compete, cooperate when we can cooperate, and confront when we need to confront.” But he bluntly stated that the CCP wants to dominate the Indo-Pacific region in political, economic, and military fields, and that it is the “most dangerous competitor” of the United States.

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However, Burns believes that the CCP does not have a magical power. In fact, the CCP is facing many challenges, including demographic, economic and political aspects. Moreover, the CCP has a fatal flaw, “no real friends”.

Burns pointed out that “China’s aggressive and excessive claims” and these “aggressions” against Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries have angered almost all neighboring countries; the CCP has unscrupulously trampled on the “Convention of the Law of the Sea” in the South China Sea. Ignore due legal obligations; intimidate Japan, Taiwan, etc. in the East China Sea; threaten India at the border of the Himalayas; the CCP’s “aggressiveness has provoked many voices of opposition”, and all these “bullying must stop”.

Compared with the CCP, Burns believes that “the United States has many treaty allies and like-minded partners” and this “indestructible alliance” is a major advantage of the United States. He said that if the personnel case is diagnosed, he is confident that it can prove that the CCP’s claim of “rising from the east and descending from the west” is wrong.

Can’t trust the CCP and the US should expand arms sales to Taiwan

At the hearing, the most mentioned by the lawmakers was about the Taiwan issue. Many congressmen from both parties have expressed their deep concern about the recent large number of Chinese military planes invading Taiwan’s airspace and various threats to Taiwan.

Burns agrees with the concerns of lawmakers, and he believes that Beijing’s actions should be condemned. He pointed out that “you cannot believe that China (the CCP) will abide by its commitments on the Taiwan issue” and that Beijing cannot be trusted. The United States should “make Taiwan a tough opponent” and continue to provide Taiwan with armaments to strengthen its defenses. “This is crucial.”

Burns immediately took Hong Kong as an example to point out that the CCP’s words were not believed. He recalled that in 1997 he served as the spokesperson of the State Council. He was accompanied by Secretary of State Albright at the time and attended the handover of Hong Kong’s sovereignty. While witnessing the historical moment, he heard the CCP’s promise at the time.

Burns said that everyone remembered that when they met with the CCP leadership that day, “They made promises to the people of Hong Kong and people all over the world. But now, China (the CCP) has violated every promise they made.” He emphasized, “We obviously cannot believe that China (the CCP) will fulfill its commitments on the Taiwan issue.”

In particular, Burns stated that, in view of the CCP’s actions and remarks on Taiwan, the US Congress and the executive branch “have every right to deepen (US-Taiwan) security cooperation” and expand the supply of weapons to Taiwan. The United States should turn Taiwan into a “hard-to-open nut” and assist Taiwan in enhancing its defense capabilities, making it difficult for Taiwan to conquer.

In addition, Burns also stated for Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and other foreign affairs that Washington must not remain silent on the CCP’s extremely bad human rights record and “must speak up”. This is defending American values.

Burns promised, “If I am appointed, my big plan is to negotiate directly with the Beijing authorities.”

What we usually call the “Beijing authorities” refers to the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, and even directly refers to Xi Jinping himself. It can be expected that if Burns is appointed as the ambassador to China, after he takes office, he may raise issues such as the CCP’s threat to Taiwan and human rights violations when meeting with Xi Jinping.

From what Burns said at the hearing, it can already be seen that he is a senior diplomat who advocates being tough on the CCP. In the terms of the Chinese Communist Party, Burns holds a “hawkish” stance. So after this hearing, he won unanimous praise from members of both parties.

So what is Burns’s background, and how does he know the CCP so much? Let’s get to know this prospective ambassador to China who is likely to be appointed.

Burns, a non-Chinese Communist Party policy expert, has deep diplomatic qualifications

Burns, 65, is currently a professor of diplomacy and international relations at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He is also the executive director of Aspen Strategy Group, Security Forum, and a senior advisor to the Cohen Group.

Prior to this, Burns had quite a wealth of political experience and was a well-qualified veteran diplomat. He entered the American diplomatic circle in the 1980s and has held important positions in bipartisan governments many times.

In the era of Bush Jr., Burns served as the Undersecretary of State, in charge of political affairs, and later as the US ambassador to NATO. During the Clinton era, he served as the U.S. ambassador to Greece, and later as the spokesperson of the State Department, and was responsible for Soviet and Russian affairs in the National Security Council.

The White House stated in a related August statement that Burns is a “respected and retired professional diplomat” who has worked with the Chinese Communist government on Afghanistan, UN sanctions against Iran and North Korea and other areas. During the work of Aspen Strategic Group, he also organized policy dialogues with the Communist Party School of the Communist Party of China, and wrote articles on US-China relations.

But in fact, Burns “is not considered to be a Chinese (CCP) policy expert”, and has not held a position specifically dealing with Chinese affairs. That being the case, why did the Biden administration appoint Burns as the ambassador to China?

There is a Chinese saying “Cold hands catch hot steamed buns”. Although he is not a CCP policy expert, he has extensive professional diplomacy experience. It is possible to better utilize the experience of 27 years of work in the US foreign service in dealing with the issue of US-China relations.

According to Reuters analysis, at a time when US-China relations are becoming increasingly tense, the US government may seek to allow this role to play a “more central” role. Because U.S.-China relations have fallen to their lowest point in decades, there are serious differences between the world’s first and second largest economies.

Aiwen Mai, an expert on Asian issues, a former adviser on China and Taiwan affairs, and a researcher at Georgetown University, believes that the high-level dialogue between the United States and China has encountered a bottleneck as the ideological competition between the United States and China has intensified. Burns’ appointment reflects “Biden is seeking a new mode of communication with Beijing.”

Mai Aiwen said, “What we need is a horse that can work, not a horse that can only be shown.”

At the hearing yesterday (20th), Lisch, the chief Republican congressman of the Foreign Relations Committee, praised Burns. Risch believes that Burns is “suitable” to be the US ambassador to China, a suitable candidate. Risch said that this position requires cross-party support from Congress because “this will be the front line of the competition in US-China relations.”

European-Taiwan cooperation strides across the CCP, which is strongly stimulated

Also today (21st), Wang Wenbin also “condemned” the European Parliament. Wang Wenbin stated that the “Taiwan-related report” adopted by the European Parliament violated the basic norms of international relations and the “One China Principle”. China “strongly condemns and firmly opposes it.”

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Wang Wenbin is really busy enough. The United States and Europe have been condemning endlessly. It can be seen that the CCP has been strongly stimulated.

Yesterday (20th), the European Parliament voted on the “Taiwan-EU Political Relations and Cooperation” report. As a result, the report was passed with an overwhelming number of votes. There were 580 votes in favor, 66 abstentions, and only 26 votes against. This number of votes shows the aspirations of the Europeans.

This is the first resolution of the European Parliament on the relationship between the EU and Taiwan. Although it is not legally binding, its significance is quite significant.

There are several important points in the report: including the European Parliament’s “serious concern” about the CCP’s military threat to Taiwan, calling on the CCP to immediately stop its intrusions; calling on the European Commission to assess and define the “Bilateral Investment Agreement” with Taiwan as soon as possible. The European Union strongly supports Taiwan’s meaningful participation as an observer in the WHO, the UN Climate Change Network Convention, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Criminal Police Organization. There is also a proposal for the European Union to change its trade office in Taipei to the European Union Office in Taiwan. Reuters pointed out that this change of name actually enhances the status of the office.

The European Parliament believes that Taiwan is an important partner and democratic ally of the EU in the Indo-Pacific region. Bilateral investment agreements are the core feature of future cooperation; the EU must be more committed to resolving cross-strait tensions and protecting Taiwan’s democracy.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its gratitude to the European Parliament for its support of Taiwan, stating that it demonstrated “unprecedented support”. Spokesperson Ou Jiang’an said that this resolution “set a new milestone” for the relationship between Taiwan and the European Union.

Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark and former Secretary-General of NATO, pointed out that the passage of the “Europe-Taiwan Political Cooperation” report sent a reliable and strong signal to Taiwan, a democratic country.

The adoption of this report by the European Parliament means that the cooperation between the two sides has taken a big step forward. It is also conceivable that this will greatly stimulate the CCP. Even Little Pink choked.

After Bao Ruihan, chairman of the European Parliament’s delegation to China relations, announced the voting results on Twitter, a little pink left a message below saying that “The European Parliament is basically redundant and has no balancing effect. This will only harm the overall interests of the EU.” .

However, Bao Ruihan immediately responded to the little pink, “You and other Chinese nationalists arrogantly look down on the European Parliament. This does not hurt us, it hurts yourself. In the European political system, the European Parliament They are real participants, and if you don’t understand it now, your experience will teach you a lesson.”

Bao Ruihan’s response may have hurt Little Pink again. Recently, however, Little Pink has been injured quite frequently.

Kanter speaks up for Tibet and calls Beijing “dictatorship”

Today (21st), NBA Celtics center Enes Kanter also injured Little Pink. Kanter directly choked on the top leader of Beijing in the video, saying that “Tibet belongs to the Tibetan people.”

In the three-minute film, Kanter wears a coat with a portrait of the Dalai Lama, and directly refers to Xi Jinping as a “barbaric dictator.” He condemned the CCP’s rule of Tibet, which caused Tibetans to “lost basic human rights and freedom” and did not allow them to read or learn the Tibetan language.

Kanter said that in the past 70 years, many Tibetan monks, nuns, intellectuals, and social activists have only practiced “natural freedom”. But they were “detained, sent to re-education camps, tortured, interrogated overtime, and even executed.” The CCP government should be “ashamed” of these violations of human rights.

Kanter pointed out in the film that the CCP’s ideology is only 100 years old, while the Buddhist civilization, ideology, and philosophy have a history of thousands of years. There is no doubt that only the Tibetan people have the right to determine the future of Tibet.

After the release of Kanter’s video, it received 15,000 likes and was reposted by more than 4,000 people. Many people thanked him for supporting democracy and Tibetans.

Wang Wenbin also responded to Kanter’s film at today’s press conference, claiming that Kanter was using Tibet-related issues to gain attention and seek attention.

The little pinks also mocked Kanter for “endorsing the manuscript”, saying that he had never been to Tibet, and they even spoke for Tibetans and so on. Obviously, the little pinks were also affected, so they hurried to “set out”.

But there is a sign, it seems that the readers who have been “offered” by Little Pink have very high reading volume. This is the most obvious manifestation of “Glass Heart”.

“Glass Heart” Chinese song No.1 for over 10 million tubing

As of 4pm today (21st), the new song “Glass Heart” by singer Huang Mingzhi, known as “Malaysian Ghost Talent”, and Chinese Australian singer Chen Fangyu, has surpassed 10.84 million views. Since its launch on the 15th, the CCP has blocked the song on the mainland. But it has only been 6 days, and the number of viewers has exceeded 10 million. This kind of popularity is rare in the YouTube world’s popular rankings.

At present, “Glass Heart” has ranked 14th in the rankings, and it is the only Chinese song on the list. According to this development trend, “Glass Heart” is likely to continue to set new records. This is probably something the CCP could not think of, and it was also something that the little pinks could not think of.

Many viewers must have seen and heard this song. It is full of “Chinese elements”, such as “glass heart”, “panda”, “leeks”, “cotton”, “civet” and so on. Each element corresponds to one thing.

For example, “Glass Heart” is insinuating Little Pink’s “vulnerability”, “Leek” corresponds to ordinary Chinese people enslaved and squeezed by the CCP, “Cotton” corresponds to human rights violations in Xinjiang concentration camps, and “Civets” correspond to SARS, etc. Wait.

And the “panda” waved the small flag everywhere, insinuating Little Pink’s going around. On the flag hanging at the door of the wooden house, there are four English letters “NMSL” written, which is what Little Pink often swears, meaning “your mother is dead”. In addition, there are “no shoulder change for ten miles”, “poverty alleviation”, “spending money” and so on. I believe everyone understands what it is.

Putting all the elements together, plus the lyrics, you can’t see any dirty words, but it interprets everything just right, gently touching the little pink.

There are a few words in the lyrics, “You never want to hear what you say, but you go out to fight back. I don’t understand where you are insulted, and I always feel that the world is your enemy.”

“Glass Heart” was banned by the CCP after it was released. Chen Fangyu immediately recorded a cappella video and modified the lyrics. She sang, “I’m sorry for hurting you. It’s okay to delete Weibo. I heard a voice, it’s a broken heart in glass. It’s okay. I still have IG and FB.”

Taiwanese artist “Brother Caramel” said that in the past, many people had the Chinese dream of making money from the west and chose to ignore China’s little pink behavior. This year, the Chinese (CCP) officials have even more tolerated the small pink and Wumao line to go out and make troubles everywhere. “But they forget that people all over the world are becoming more and more civilized, and they will only become more and more disgusted with such barbaric behavior.”

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By the way, the Japanese non-profit organization NPO and China International Publishing Group jointly conducted the “17th China-Japan Joint Public Opinion Survey.” In August and September, they surveyed 1,000 Japanese and 1,547 Chinese, and asked about their impressions of the two countries.

The results of this survey will also impact Little Pink. 90.9% of Japanese people have a bad impression of China under the CCP. An increase of 1.2 percentage points over last year, second only to 91.6% in 2016. This is the second time in five years that more than 90% of Japanese people dislike the CCP. The main reason is that the CCP’s military threat and the CCP virus epidemic have caused more and more Japanese people to dislike the CCP.

Let me talk about another thing that hurt Little Pink. Does today (21st) have more impact on Little Pink? But there is no way, because this is very hot news.

Today, the Beijing Public Security Bureau posted two consecutive posts on Weibo, which almost detonated the entire network. The first post that was pinned to the top said, “Recently, the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau received reports from the masses that someone was engaged in prostitution in a certain community in Chaoyang.”

According to Weibo, after investigation, the police have seized 29-year-old prostitution offender Chen Mohui and 39-year-old prostitution offender Li Moudi. Both of them “confessed to the illegal facts” and have now been “administratively detained.”

Who is Li Moudi? “Peace Beijing” seems to be meaningful in another Weibo. “This world is indeed more than black and white, but it must be distinguished and distinguished between black and white. This must not be wrong.” A picture of a piano keyboard was also distributed, which seems to be suggestive.

However, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “People’s Daily” is not so “implicit”, directly with the topic “Li Yundi was detained for prostitution.” In other words, it was Li Yundi who was the prostitute, and it was Li Yundi, the pianist known as the “Prince of Chinese Piano,” who was detained.

Some netizens broke the news that Li Yundi’s related works have been “off the shelves”, and even the introduction and footage of his recent reality show “Brother Who Overcomes Troubles” have been deleted. All the pictures of Li Yundi on Hunan Satellite TV are mosaic.

There are rumors on the Internet that Li Yundi’s accident was confessed by the artist Wu Yifan who was in prison. The reason why Wu Yifan squatted in the cell was because he was suspected of sexually assaulting minors.

However, Wu Yifan’s rumors of Li Yundi’s confession have not been officially confirmed. But whether or not the official confirms this rumor, it is actually not very important. The important thing is that Li Yundi, who was once praised by the CCP, has also become a “bad artist”. This is a slap in the face of the CCP.

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, Li Yundi won the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition at the age of 18 in 2000, becoming the youngest winner in the history of this competition. Since 2001, he has been on the “Spring Festival Gala” of the Chinese Communist Party’s CCTV five times in a row.

In the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party media, in addition to Li Yundi’s achievements in music, his image has always been positively promoted. In addition, he has released many albums, has toured around the world, and the Polish government has awarded him the “Glory of Art” medal, so he is very well-known. Because of this, the CCP values ​​him very much. He was appointed as an image ambassador by Chongqing and Guangzhou as a spokesperson for the city.

News Aspect 4th Anniversary invites you to share happiness

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The growth of “News Highlights” is accompanied by your perseverance. Of course you need to share the happy moments. We look forward to your participation.

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