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[News Highlights]Where does the virus come from?Pompeo shocked Wallace | Shi Zhengli | Xi Jinping | Source of the virus

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[Epoch Times, June 16, 2021]Hello, everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is June 15th (Tuesday) Eastern Time, and June 16th (Wednesday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: Xiaozha has a hook with P4? 6 digits were provided; where did the virus come from? Pompeo stunned Wallace; Shi Zhengli was arranged to be angry, and Beijing’s kung fu was in vain; UN experts accused of picking alive, and foreign media “ignored” a little; The wolf was concentrating on the contrary, who was challenging Xi Jinping? “True China” painting exhibition.

The Taiwan government stated on the 15th that 28 Chinese military planes flew into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. This is the largest harassment of Taiwan to date.

The Iranian government said on the 15th that it has produced 6.5 kilograms of 60% enriched uranium with a purity close to 90% of nuclear weapons. This move by Iran has added variables to the nuclear negotiations that are being held in Vienna.

The European Union announced on the 15th that it had settled the aircraft subsidy dispute with the United States for nearly 17 years. Diplomats said that easing the trade conflict will help the United States and Europe focus on the broader agenda of dealing with CCP issues.

The British and Australian governments announced on the 15th that both countries have agreed to sign a bilateral free trade agreement to remove tariffs and cumbersome procedures. British Prime Minister Johnson said that Britain-Australia relations have had a new beginning.

Heavy rain began in Okinawa City, Japan on the 15th, and some areas issued Level 4 disaster prevention warnings to remind people to guard against soil and rock flows. More than 15,000 people have been evacuated.

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee announced on the 15th the third edition of the guidelines for athletes, which includes epidemic prevention measures during the Eastern Olympics. Frequent entry and exit of the downtown area, refusal to be inspected, and other violations will be sanctioned, in addition to fines, or even deportation.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on June 15th, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) worldwide was 296,114, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 177,191,404, and the total number of deaths was 3,822,150. people.

Now enter today’s topic. At a time when the international community is strongly calling for the source of the virus to be traced, the US government stated that it has known who is funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which seems to pave the way for the next sanctions. In the United States, the Facebook founder Zuckerberg charity group is also involved in Wudu.

Earlier, the top scientists who had co-signed the laboratory to leak the virus as a “conspiracy theory” admitted that they were wrong and bluntly said it was very likely to leak from the laboratory. And Pompeo’s words stunned Wallace, the well-known Fox anchor.

Another major event happened yesterday. The UN human rights experts stated for the first time that the CCP had allegedly “harvested organs” against Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghurs, Tibetans, Muslims, and Christians. This is a very sensational news. All the CCP officials who have committed evil have already been forced to pay their backs.

U.S. master funding P4 person Xiaozha provides 6 digits

On the ABC’s “Good Morning America” program yesterday (14th), host Terry Moran stated that a former US State Department official revealed that the US government knows which financial accounts related to the Chinese military are funding the Wuhan virus. graduate School.

Moran pointed out, “In January this year, the State Council released a summary of the activities of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, stating that this laboratory had previously cooperated with the Chinese Communist Party’s military on projects and kept the world secret.”

Moran did not specify the status of the CCP’s military financial accounts that funded the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, nor did he specify how the US government would deal with the situation and whether it would impose sanctions after it mastered the details. But at a critical moment when the international community made a high-profile call for tracing the source of the virus, the sudden disclosure of this news by the United States seemed to point.

In fact, the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party’s military and the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been discussed before, and it is nothing new. What we heard for the first time was that Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has also entered people’s attention and has some involvement with Wudu.

The American conservative media “National Pulse” disclosed that in July 2020, Zuckerberg’s charity provided $433,000 to UNC at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to purchase laboratory equipment to solve the pandemic. the study.

The chief researcher of the laboratory is a collaborator with the Wuhan laboratory and a supporter of the “function gain” research, professor Dr. Ralph Baric. He participated in the statement of The Lancet, prematurely asserting that the virus is of natural origin.

This grant helped produce a study that is awaiting peer review—the COVID-19 infection virus, viral RNA in nasopharyngeal swabs, and the serum status of symptomatic CCP virus outpatients in the United States.

In Barrich’s presentation slides, it also listed support from Gidley Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases led by Dr. Fauci. But Fauci is trying to cover up his relationship with Zuckerberg recently.

The report pointed out that the financial relationship between Barrich and Zuckerberg’s charity took place after Facebook’s extensive review of users’ opinions about the virus leaking from the Wuhan laboratory. “Pulse of the Country” disclosed that Facebook had a contract with Lead Stories, a “main story” run by Democrats, and hired some CNN leavers to review inconvenient information.

This is quite interesting. Facebook’s review of “virus leaks” posts may be to downplay people’s concerns about the virus leaked in the Wuhan Virus Laboratory. Unexpectedly, it caused trouble for myself and attracted people’s attention to Facebook’s practice.

People naturally think: Why censor posts with this point of view? Is there something wrong with you? In Chinese, I just want to cover up, but I get burned.

Top scientist “confessed” Pompeo shocked Wallace

Just now I mentioned that Barrich had participated in the “Lancet” statement, saying that the CCP virus came from nature. At that time, there were 27 scientists who participated in the co-signature, but now some of them have blurred their opinions. One scientist even said, “Laboratory leaks are more likely.”

Also yesterday (14th) ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​program, Moran said that for more than a year, top scientists published a letter in the famous medical journal “The Lancet”. The letter refuted the laboratory leak theory, calling it a “conspiracy theory.”

Recently, ABC contacted all 27 scientists who signed, and 12 of them responded. Moran said, “Some of them told ABC,’I’m not sure this thing comes from nature.’ A scientist told ABC’I was wrong.’ He believes that the leaked statement from the laboratory is more likely.”

One of the scientists who signed this joint letter is also an important initiator of the joint letter. He is an important member of the WHO expert group and British scientist Dasak. This person has a deep friendship with the bat girl Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Virus Laboratory, and once funded the Wuhan P4 Laboratory to conduct “function acquisition” research. I have talked about it before, so I won’t repeat it here.

It can be seen from the information disclosed by Moran that these top scientists, who originally issued a joint statement in The Lancet, did not seem to be scientifically rigorous. It now appears that that statement is more like a political product, so 12 of them have shaken their positions, and even one of them directly said “I was wrong”, thinking that the possibility of the virus leaking is greater.

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Former Secretary of State Pompeo said more directly and positively on the issue of whether the virus leaked from the laboratory, which stunned Wallace, the well-known Fox host.

In the Fox program the day before yesterday (13th), Wallace asked Pompeo, “Do you believe that the virus came from a laboratory leak in Wuhan Research Institute?” Pompeo’s answer this time was simpler and clearer than any other time. Three words “I believe”. After Pompeo answered, Wallace was silent for about 5 seconds.

This is a rather heavy issue, and it is also a very serious issue. If you are an ordinary politician, you can “play Tai Chi” and give an ambiguous statement.

But Pompeo didn’t do it, there was no more nonsense, and he didn’t leave any room for maneuver. This was something Wallace didn’t expect, and Pompeo answered so directly and clearly that Wallace didn’t ask relevant questions anymore.

American conservative netizen “Red State” pointed out that “Pompeo is a serious person.” The implication is that Pompeo will not talk casually, and he must have a basis in fact.

Arranging Shi Zhengli to be “angry” Beijing was in vain

Before leaving as Secretary of State, Pompeo had seen some confidential information and understood conclusive evidence. But in fact, more and more people have begun to suspect that the virus may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Obviously, the CCP government has been under pressure to arrange for Shi Zhengli, director of the P4 laboratory, to come forward and accept an interview with The New York Times. However, the New York Times obviously did not believe what Shi Zhengli said, and the media generally held an attitude of mocking the CCP.

In a report by The New York Times yesterday (14th), Shi Zhengli stated that the “functional acquisition research” in her laboratory is different. The purpose is not to make the virus more dangerous, but to understand how the virus spreads across species.

But that’s not what Dr. Barrich said before. This Shi Zhengli’s research partner wrote an article in 2015 and published their research results on Vice.

The article stated that the scientists “created a hybrid version of the virus…it is only 12% different from SARS” and “also resistant to all vaccines and immunotherapies.”

Shi Zhengli herself admitted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in June 2020 that when the virus was first reported in December 2019, she was panicked. “Crazy flipping through the records of my laboratory over the past few years to check if there is any improper handling of the experimental materials, especially during the processing.”

Shi Zhengli said, “When the results came back, she was relieved: none of the sequences matched the virus sampled by her team from the bat cave.” She said, “It really lightened my burden. I haven’t closed my eyes for several days.”

Shi Zhengli said angrily that the CCP government allows the study of bats in the P2 virus laboratory with a lower security level because there is no evidence that the virus can directly infect humans. This is supported by some scientists. She said that there were no people infected with the Chinese Communist Party virus in the Wudu Laboratory in November 2019, and claimed that if there are several people’s names, she can provide some help in the investigation.

In fact, insiders have long pointed out that the “patient zero” of Wuhan Institute of Virology may be Huang Yanling. As for whether Huang Yanling was one of the people who were infected with the CCP virus in November 2019 according to US intelligence, we cannot confirm, but if Huang Yanling can be shown as a real person, it will be of great help to the CCP to clarify the allegations.

Regarding Huang Yanling’s situation, the Armed Forces Drug Institute issued a statement on February 16, 2020, claiming that after graduating from the Armed Drug Institute, Huang Yanling had been working and living in other provinces and had never returned to Wuhan. He was not infected with the CCP virus, and he was in good health.

Judging by the CCP’s eloquence, it should be a complete grasp of Huang Yanling’s situation. In that case, why not let Huang Yanling show up? Speaking with facts, isn’t it possible to make all guesses self-defeating? But the CCP just refused to let Huang Yanling come forward. Is Huang Yanling no longer alive?

The New York Times stated that many scientists and officials said that the CCP should share the medical records, laboratory experiment records, and virus sequence databases of the institute’s employees to evaluate Shi Zhengli’s claims.

In addition, in the same mine where Shi Zhengli collected the RaTG13 virus in 2012, a group of miners once worked here. Some of these people later became ill and even died. Should these materials be made public at the same time?

Shi Zhengli said in an e-mail interview that the virus leak was “unfounded” and insisted that Wudu did not know the source of the virus before the outbreak. However, the “New York Times” pointed out that the CCP government refused to open Shi Zhengli’s laboratory for independent investigation, nor did it disclose relevant research materials, “making it difficult for outsiders to believe Shi Zhengli’s words.”

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media reported that Shi Zhengli did not join the party. Whether Shi Zhengli is a party member or not is not particularly important. As long as they are under the rule of the CCP, whether they are members of the party or not, they all have to listen to the party’s words.

The New York Times pointed out that Shi Zhengli started as a research assistant in 1990 and then climbed all the way up. So far, he is not a party member, which is “very unusual.”

The “Hongzhou” comment pointed out that people should remember that in China under the rule of the CCP, Shi Zhengli “has no right to freedom of speech, or even the right to choose.” As Xi Jinping said in his 2020 speech, “Science is not On national borders, scientists have a motherland.”

Obviously, the party arranged for Shi Zhengli to borrow the “New York Times” to “anger”, but it did not achieve the desired goal.

Shi Zhenglibai became “angry”. She claimed that she had “there is nothing to be afraid of”, which precisely reflected her inner fear; the party’s pressure has not been alleviated. The media’s questioning, the questioning of scientists, and the questioning of all sectors of society are still overwhelming. to.

The CCP’s “Organ Harvesting” UN Expert Speaks

The CCP’s pressure is not only reflected in the international community’s tracing of the source of the virus, but one more thing, the shock to the CCP is also considerable.

The official website of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights reported yesterday (14th) that 12 independent UN human rights experts jointly stated that according to “reliable information”, the CCP was “forcibly extracting” Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Muslims. And the organs of minority groups such as Christians.

The joint statement stated that the detained ethnic minorities “are subjected to forced blood tests and organ examinations, such as ultrasound and X-ray examinations without informed consent.” The results of the examination are registered in a “database of the sources of living organs that are conducive to organ distribution,” but other prisoners do not have this type of examination.

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Having said that, I will give you a real example. Everyone still remember that in the program on the 11th, I mentioned a friend. My friend graduated from China University of Political Science and Law, and then worked as a lawyer in Beijing. Because of practicing Falun Gong, he was illegally re-education through labor for two years in 2010 and detained in a Beijing women’s labor camp.

This friend of mine is now living in Europe. After she was arrested, she had undergone many inexplicable physical examinations. After she went abroad, she told me that from being detained to the detention center, then to the detention center, and finally to the labor camp, she had a number of physical examinations along the way, including blood tests, urine tests, X-rays, and so on. But after the inspection, the inspection result is never told.

According to my friend, the small hospital of the labor camp is checked once every three months on average. But one time was the most special, so she was also very impressed.

It was the late spring and early summer of 2012. A super luxury caravan arrived at the labor camp. People had to step on a ladder to get into the car. There are all kinds of medical equipment in this car, as well as ultrasound examinations. My friend knew at the time that this was the CCP collecting their physical data.

But the CCP police deceived Falun Gong practitioners. At that time, a female policewoman named Zhao Guoxin from the Beijing Women’s Labor Camp deliberately said, “Look at how good the country is to you. This set of equipment is specially imported for you from Germany, and we don’t use it.”

This is an episode, let’s get back to business. Experts emphasized: “In China, forcible organ harvesting seems to be targeted at specific ethnic, linguistic or religious minorities who are detained. They are often arrested in different locations without an explanation of the reason for the arrest or without an arrest warrant. Imprisoned.”

The statement said, “According to the allegations received, the most common organs removed from prisoners are the heart, kidneys, liver, cornea, and less common parts of the liver. It is said that this form of medical trafficking involves the health department. Of professionals, including surgeons, anesthesiologists and other medical experts.”

Another UN human rights agency also emphasized “concerns about organ harvesting from prisoners of a certain religious minority group.”

UN experts stated that the CCP “has serious violations of human rights” in the procurement of organs for transplantation. There is “a lack of independent supervision” as to whether prisoners or detainees agree to donation and organ distribution. There are also reports that the families of dead detainees and prisoners have been prevented from claiming the bodies.

UN experts call on the CCP to respond promptly to allegations of “organ harvesting” and allow international human rights institutions to conduct independent investigations.

Liu Yuyin, spokesperson of the Chinese Communist Party in Geneva, said that UN experts used “fake information to slander China (the Chinese Communist Party)” and firmly opposed and denied the allegations.

The CCP’s sophistry is actually useless at all. Since the UN human rights experts can issue a joint statement, it shows that they have detailed evidence in their hands. Otherwise, international experts will not make such a serious accusation lightly.

In the past, we were all non-governmental organizations and organizations who criticized the CCP, and the UN human rights experts have never expressed their views. Now, 12 UN human rights experts have jointly signed a statement, accusing the CCP of harvesting human organs, which will surely arouse wider and intense attention from the international community.

It can be expected that more people, more organizations, and more countries in the international community will pay more and more attention to this evil of the CCP. It can also be expected that all CCP officials, doctors, police, etc. who participated in this crime will be brought to justice. Including the families of these criminals, I am afraid they will all be implicated and will repay the crimes they have committed.

The Chinese often say that Skynet is restored and neglected, and that the evil retribution of the bad guys is approaching.

This news is very sensational, so many overseas media have reported it, and the line between the lines also reflects the refutation of the CCP’s statement.

But what is strange is that some media only mentioned Uyghurs, Tibetans, Muslims, Christians, etc., but did not mention the Falun Gong practitioner who was first named. I don’t know what the reasons for these media “ignore” are.

Are the Wolf Warriors concentrating on singing against Xi Jinping?

Let’s look at the changes within the CCP again. At today’s (15th) press conference, the spokesperson of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, continued to maintain his true character as a war wolf, utterly choking the United States “very sick”.

Zhao Lijian stated that the G7 Group Summit Communiqué “deliberately slandered China and interfered in China’s (CCP) internal affairs”, exposing the “bad intentions of the United States and other countries to create artificial barriers and expand differences and contradictions”.

He said that the time when a country or a group of countries ordered the world has passed. He directly choked, “The United States is ill, and it is very sick. The G7 should give the United States a pulse and prescribe a prescription.”

Zhao Lijian’s remarks obviously continued the tone of the battle wolf before. But this obviously runs counter to Xi Jinping’s “strive to create a credible, lovely, and respectable image of China.”

In other words, Zhao Lijian dared to sing against Xi Jinping in public, which is deeply surprising. In fact, Zhao Lijian is at best a pawn, and his war wolf posture reflects the attitude of the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In other words, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China led by Wang Yi is playing against Xi Jinping.

It is not only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China that opposes Xi Jinping, but also the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, represented by the Global Times.

The Weibo certified “Half Barrel Lao A Tang” drew a caricature, imitating the “Last Supper”, and represented G7 leaders with special animals from various countries, full of spoof and irony.

The image of the United States in the comic is a bald eagle, Germany is a black eagle, Australia is a kangaroo, Japan is a Shiba Inu, Italy is a wolf, England is a lion, Canada is a fox, France is a Gaul rooster, India is an elephant, and even Taiwan, which was not related to the meeting, was also shown in the picture as a frog.

The painting of “Half Barrel of Lao A Tang” was published on his Weibo, but after being changed by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media such as the Global Times, it turned into animals sitting around a table with a Chinese character on the table. Map shaped cake.

These paintings can indeed make people laugh. But with the “cute” image of China that Xi Jinping wants, it is likely to come to the opposite conclusion.

Xi Jinping asked at the Politburo study meeting on May 31 to adjust the tone of external propaganda and “strive to create a credible, lovely, and respectable image of China.” With this statement, the outside world believes that the Beijing authorities may have to change the posture of “wolf war diplomacy” that has lasted for a long time.

However, the diplomatic and propaganda system of the Chinese Communist Party did not take Xi Jinping’s request seriously. It continued to maintain the posture of war wolf. The image of war wolf remained unchanged, choking the United States as “ill” and vilifying the leaders of the G7 countries into various animals.

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These things are too small to say, it may be a tough habit to the outside world, and the inertia of the war wolf cannot be completely changed for a while. But even so, it is a serious political issue, and some people may be punished for it.

If you go bigger and apply the accusation that the CCP often uses, this is “losing political stance” and “seriously trampling on the rules”, and it is not “absolute loyalty” to the core of Xi. So who is arguing against Xi Jinping?

One phenomenon is worth noting. On the 12th, the Jiang-style “Multi-dimensional News” said that the comics of “Half a Barrel of Lao A Tang” were “full of details” and “deep meaning”, and they greatly appreciated this caricature. On the 10th, he also published an article “Who will supervise the Party Central Committee”, which aimed directly at Xi Jinping.

“True China” Painting Exhibition

Next, I will continue to show you the works of the “True China” call for paintings. Everyone has seen a caricature that vilifies foreign leaders. How big is the influence of the Chinese Communist Party’s hype? The CCP often uses this method to conduct large-scale external propaganda, vilifying the image of foreign countries and smearing itself.

So we aimed at this point of the CCP and came up with a way to treat its human body in its own way. We also use paintings to expose the evil and ugliness of the CCP, and to show the fact that Chinese people have been abused by the CCP. This is the original intention of our “True China” call for paintings.

We hope that everyone can use their own brushes to present what they see, hear, and feel the real China. From different levels and angles, the CCP’s paintings are torn apart.

We do not require your painting skills to be high, what we value is the facts and the meaning of the expressions presented in the paintings. As long as the painting can expose the CCP, it will be included in our collection.

By the way, if your work is created on the basis of other people’s works, please be sure to indicate the source and author of the original work. This is not only a respect for the original author, but also to prevent us from infringing copyright.

From the beginning of our event to the present, hundreds of paintings have been received. I have already shown a part of it to you before, and there are many more in the back, which will be shown to you one after another. As long as everyone continues to contribute to us, our activity will not end. We look forward to your participation.

Please send your paintings to xwkd2017@gmail.com, we will show them in the program, and then upload them to YouLoke website. Every work shown in the past has been uploaded to the website. If you haven’t seen it, you can go to YouLoke to watch it and give a thumbs up to the work you like.

The first painting shown to you today is “High Wall” by Taiwanese Yelaoshr.

The picture is a wall, but in the gaps in the wall, some bones are exposed. On the high wall, there are more bones piled up. There is barbed wire behind.

On the face of the wall, red blood was mottled. But if you look closely, you will find the two numbers “64” faintly appearing in the blood stains. Obviously, this wall is alluding to the CCP, and the bones and bloodstains are more than 10,000 students and Beijing citizens killed by the CCP.

Taiwan’s Yelaoshr’s work “High Wall” (provided by News Aspect)

Teacher Ye said in the text, “I always think that a lie will become a fact after a long time. As the saying goes, paper can’t keep fire. No matter how high the wall is, it can’t cover the day of June 4. The CCP is right. The students fighting for freedom carried out a bloody massacre.”

The second painting is also the work of a Taiwanese friend, and the name is “Chinese Farmhouse”. The green elephant on the screen is a dragon, and the pink elephant is a pig. The pig held a sickle and a hammer in his hands. This pig is standing on the five-star flag of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to netizens, the dragon symbolizes China, and the distorted expression is telling the pain of the Chinese people. The drops of blood allude to the CCP’s cruelty to the Chinese people. By killing, the CCP was able to steal the country and rule.

Netizens said that the pink pig has 5 hairs on its back, referring to the “five hairs” that often come out to scold people for the CCP. The lack of borders in this painting implies that the CCP’s behavior is boundless.

Netizens said that this painting was created by borrowing George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” “Animal Farm” is also called an animal farm, a face of a pig, and it is translated differently in different places.

“Chinese Farmhouse” (Provided by News Readers)

The story in the book is that because the owner’s mismanagement, the farm animals are rebellious. Later, two young pigs became leaders, launched an uprising, and successfully drove the owner out of the farm. Subsequently, the “Seven Commandments of Animals Attention” were adopted, declaring that “all animals are equal.”

The pigs put themselves in a leadership position and set aside special food supplies, claiming to be for their own health. The two pigs also led other animals to defeat the owner who tried to retake the farm, and officially named the battle “Battle of the Cowshed.”

Later, it went through many internal power struggles and other changes. Pigs behave more and more like humans. They walked upright, holding whips and wearing clothes. The “seven precepts” are simplified into one sentence: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This is a very meaningful work, so you might as well read it. Then compare the real world to see if the CCP’s words and deeds are different from the pigs in “Animal Farm.”

Thank you two friends for their wonderful and profound paintings. They can give everyone deep thinking through simple paintings. Thank you both, and thank all the friends who support us. With your support, we will be more motivated.


The current epidemic has affected almost everyone. Especially important measures for epidemic prevention are home isolation. People have to stay at home whether they like it or not. People’s life trajectory has been disrupted, and many people complain about the sudden changes in their lives, which have caused a lot of inconvenience.

Indeed, when the habitual pace of life is changed, there will be a lot of discomfort. But if you think about it from another angle, perhaps you can treat this change as a brand new attempt.

In today’s cultural highlights, let’s see how some historical celebrities dealt with similar situations. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. The URL of our membership website is http://muyangshow.com, and there is also http://youlucky.biz.

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