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[News Highlights]Ye Ting, who reported the murder of her father, was mentally disturbed after being arrested | Ye Bingyan | Threats |

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[News Highlights]Ye Ting, who reported the murder of her father, was mentally disturbed after being arrested | Ye Bingyan | Threats |

[The Epoch Times, December 09, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome to follow the news, I am Li Muyang. Today is Thursday, December 8th, EST, and Friday, December 9th, ET.

Today’s focus: Reporting that the murderer who killed her father was arrested, and Ye Ting was released already mentally disturbed; the official announcement has many doubts and threatened to be sentenced to 5 years in prison;

Today we are talking about a topic as hot as the Girl in Chains and the Tangshan Beating Incident. A girl from Kaifeng, Henan reported that the murderer who killed her father was at large, and was forcibly taken away by seven or eight men. The authorities said the content of the report was “false.”

After being locked up for 3 days, the police released her late at night today (8th) local time, but the girl was already insane. The family members refused to accept it. Another family member reported his real name in the video and asked the authorities, who has such great ability to make the officials release false statements?

This incident has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. With the authorities constantly deleting posts, the number of followers has already exceeded 100 million.

Another big drama will be staged at the end of the year, and the official announcement is doubtful

Following the incident of the girl in chains in Jiangsu at the beginning of the year and the incident of hooligans beating people in Tangshan in the middle of the year, another big drama began to be staged near the end of the year.

Tonight (8th) evening, the government website of Qixian County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province released a statement on the situation. Said that a joint investigation team “Investigation” was established in response to “recent public opinion concerns about Ye Mouqing’s case in Qianying Village, Banmu Township, Banmu Township, our county”.

The notification is divided into three parts. The first part is “the basic situation and progress of the case”. It stated, “At about 19:00 on June 28, 2021, Ye Mouqing, a villager in Qianying Village, Liu Mouyi, and Liu Mou saw that they had an argument while drinking at the “Farm Banquet” restaurant in the township, which caused a fight, and was persuaded to leave. .”

Insert a little explanation here, the real name of the deceased Ye Mouqing was Ye Hongqing, and he was 53 years old when he died.

The report stated that “at about 23 o’clock, Ye Mouqing felt unwell after returning home, and his family sent him to the hospital. On July 7, Ye Mouqing died after treatment failed.”

The report stated that “at 2:36 on June 29, 2021, the family members of Ye Mouqing from the street of the Qixian Public Security Bureau called the police and filed a case for investigation on the same day. Detention House”. At present, the investigation of this case has been concluded, and a public prosecution has been filed with the Kaifeng Intermediate People’s Court. “The case is under trial.”

The second part of the statement stated that the problems reported by the family members of the deceased were “untrue”. It stated that the family members of the deceased raised issues such as “Liu Mouyan participated in the beating but got away with it”, “the party secretary of Houtang Village participated in the beating, but the public security organs did not deal with it”, and “whether the murder weapon was used in the case was not included in the investigation”, the investigation team After comparing evidence such as the surrounding surveillance video and the testimony of witnesses present, it was “determined that the problems reflected are not true.”

The third part of the statement is a response to “the disappearance of the deceased’s daughter Ye Mouting”. The statement stated that in response to the questions raised by the family members of the deceased, the Qi County police “communicated with them many times” to explain laws and regulations.

It also stated that during the handling of the case, the family members of the deceased Ye Mouting, Ye Mouyan, Ye Mouling and others “distorted the facts” and continued to post “the murderer is at large” and “Ye Mouting lost contact” on social media. untrue remarks” and “had a negative impact on the normal handling of the case”.

The report also stated, “On December 6, 2022, in the presence of Ye Mouting’s boyfriend, the police from the County Public Security Bureau showed his credentials and brought him back for investigation according to law.”

This is the content of the notice released on the official website of the Qi County Government. This notice has conveyed a lot of “explicit or covert” information to us, and it has also left many questions. Of course, it is different from the real-name reporting of family members.

Family members report with real names and are willing to bear legal responsibility

First, please take a look at the video of the real-name report by the family members circulating on the Internet. The girl in the video, Ye Bingyan, is the “Ye Mouyan” in the official notice of Qi County.

[Original video]My name is Ye Bingyan, and I live in Qianying Village, Banmu Township, Qixian County, Kaifeng City. On June 28, 2021, my dad had a quarrel with brothers Liu Qingyan and Liu Qingyi from Houtang Village while eating at the “farm banquet” at the head of the village.

Liu Qingyan, Liu Qingyi, Liu Dejian and others relied on their numbers and power, and beat my dad if they disagreed. After fighting in the hotel, they were dragged to the entrance of the hotel to fight, and finally chased to the asphalt road to fight. Liu Qingyan, Liu Qingyi and other murderers used cruel methods and were extremely crazy. They took lives until my father passed out on the side of the road, and they walked away.

Their beating happened around 20 o’clock, until my neighbor’s uncle passed by the scene of the incident at 23 o’clock, and he was sent home after he found it. At 00:29, my father was seriously injured and had a splitting headache, unable to support himself. We called 120 and sent him to the hospital, where he died.

Liu Qingyan, the thug who first had an altercation with my father, is still at large. Our mother and daughter dare not return home, and have been living abroad for more than a year. My mother is an authentic farmer with no education, my sister is still young, and there is no official in the family.

We were really cornered and didn’t know what to do. Today is the one-year anniversary of my father’s death. I dare not imagine how hopeless and helpless my father was when he was beaten. The sky in my house is falling, and I still can’t believe it’s true.

In broad daylight, the world is bright and clear. In today’s society ruled by law in China, I believe that the law will give us justice. My father is in the underworld, and he must be worried about our children, and he has never died with peace of mind.
This is the real-name tearful report of the daughter of the deceased, which was interrupted several times by choking. Ye Bingyan also posted her report materials on the Internet, and pressed her red handprint on her name to show that she confirmed that she was correct.

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At the bottom of the report materials, Ye Bingyan also wrote a line in her own handwriting, “The above are all facts, and I am willing to bear all legal responsibilities.” In other words, Ye Bingyan guarantees that her report is completely true. She is willing to go to jail if anything is not true.

Moreover, Ye Bingyan was holding her ID card in her hand, which contained personal information. So there is no need to doubt that the video of this real-name report is real. From the fact that the authorities searched and deleted this video everywhere, it can also prove the authenticity of the video.

Where did the culprit go?Three doubts about the case

Comparing Qi County’s official statement and Ye Bingyan’s real-name report materials, it can be seen that there are several obvious differences. Let me talk about the difference in the description of the event first.

The first difference is the culprit of the incident. Ye Bingyan clearly mentioned that the killers were “Liu Qingyan, Liu Qingyi, Liu Dejian and others” in Houtang Village. However, the official notice only mentioned Liu Mouyi and Liu Moujian, and Liu Qingyan was hidden.

According to Ye Bingyan’s account, Liu Qingyan was the one who had the first quarrel with her father. I don’t know why this “disaster” was hidden in the authorities’ explanation?

I haven’t found out the background of Liu Qingyan, so I can’t jump to conclusions. But it is very strange that Liu Qingyan is the culprit in this incident, and the beating started from him. It was precisely because he quarreled and fought with the deceased first that the people next to him followed suit.

But in the end, Liu Qingyan managed to disappear in the official statement. That is to say, Liu Qingyan was not dealt with by the police, which is one of the key reasons why Ye Bingyan made a real-name report in the video.

This makes people wonder why Liu Qingyan can get away with it? Who is he? Why did the Qi County authorities and the police keep silent about the culprit of the beating? Could it be that he has some official background, and there is an umbrella in the place?

The second difference is whether the person is “knocked out”. The official said that Liu Qingyan and others beat the deceased, “then they were persuaded to leave.” Then at about 23 o’clock, the deceased “returned home”.

But Ye Bingyan said that she was beaten continuously in three different places, first “inside the hotel”, then “in front of the hotel”, and finally “chased to the asphalt road”. Her father was beaten “fainted” by the side of the road, and the murderer “went away”.

The official version is rather vague, or deliberately avoids the truth. It is implied that the deceased did not seem to be “beaten unconscious” at that time because he was “persuaded to leave”. Moreover, by saying “after Ye Mouqing came home”, he deliberately created the illusion that Ye Mouqing “goes home by himself”.

But Ye Bingyan made it very clear that the murderer stopped and walked away after his father was beaten to the side of the road “passed out”. And it was “the uncle of the neighbor was passing by the place where the incident happened, and he found it and sent it home.”

In other words, after Ye Mouqing was beaten, she passed out on the side of the road. The time of the beating was around 20 o’clock that night, and the neighbor uncle found out that it was around 23 o’clock. That is to say, during these three hours, Ye Mouqing lay unconscious by the side of the road.

The third difference is the situation of the deceased after being beaten. The official said that “Ye Mouqing felt unwell after returning home, and his family sent him to the hospital” and “died after treatment failed.” The official use of “discomfort” implies that the cause of death was not the beating, but “discomfort”. The word “healing” was also specially used to create an illusion that the injury was not serious.

But Ye Bingyan said that her father “had a severe headache and couldn’t support himself due to his severe injuries.” After calling 120, he was sent to the hospital and “died after rescue failed.” The word “rescue” made us realize that the situation was very urgent, because Ye Mouqing was beaten very seriously and his life was in danger, so “rescue” was needed.

There is a “Discharge Certificate from Qi County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine” that Ye Hongqing saw at that time on the Internet. Among them, the third point of the discharge diagnosis is “brain contusion”, the seventh point is “double lung contusion”, the ninth point is “multiple organ dysfunction”, and the eleventh point is ” bilateral rib fractures”.

That’s all I could read because of the scribbled handwriting. But this is enough to prove that Ye Hongqing was severely beaten, which was the direct cause of death.

Who said it was “untrue”?There are 2 key evidences

In addition, there are several differences between the official statement and Ye Bingyan’s report. In the second part, “Investigation on Issues Reported by Family Members of the Deceased”, Qi County officials stated that the investigation team compared evidence such as surrounding surveillance videos and testimony of witnesses present, and determined that the issues reported by the family members of the deceased were “false.”

Three points were listed in the explanation, namely “Liu Mouyan participated in the beating but got away with it”, “the party secretary of Houtang village participated in the beating, but the public security organs did not deal with it”, and “whether the murder weapon was used in the case was not included in the investigation”.

As for the first point of “untruth” that the official said, that is, “Liu Mouyan participated in the beating but got away with it”, we have already analyzed it before, so I won’t repeat it here. But it must be pointed out that Liu Mouyan, the culprit, did not appear in the official announcement. That is to say, the official statement is “untrue”, not the family members’ reflections are “untrue”.

As for the so-called “false” in the latter two points, it is needless to say. The official lied on the first point, and the latter two points are also very doubtful.

But I still want to show you some evidence. “Chinese Tragedy Archives” exposed a screenshot of a document in a tweet, which is evidence material signed by Ye Bingyan and handprinted.

The seventh point in this material is aimed at the “Banmu Police Station”, accusing the Banmu Police Station of “inaction and wrong law enforcement procedures.”

It pointed out, “On the evening of June 28, 2021, during the incident, someone called the police, and the Banmu Police Station also dispatched the police. However, my father, Liu and others were not sent back to the police station to learn the facts, so the case was closed and the police were arrested. Go back. Just let it go, my father’s death is indirectly related to his inaction. And when the police need to wear a law enforcement recorder to record the incident, I request that the whole process of the recorder be provided in court and made public.”

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The eighth point of the report is, “It is recorded in the case file that Liu called Hou Qiang, the party secretary of Houtang Village, to call someone”, and then “Hou Qiang drove a van and pulled a carload of people (a dozen people) with the guy (murder weapon) to At the scene, there are gas station monitoring to prove it.”

It is very clear in the report materials that the police at the police station have the whole video of the law enforcement recorder and the surveillance video of the gas station. These are very heavy physical evidence.

The Qi County authorities said that the family’s report was “untrue.” If two video evidences were attached, it would be convincing. Instead of showing the video, only saying that the situation reflected is “untrue”, it is inevitable that people will suspect that the Qi County authorities are deliberately biased and distorting the truth. Do the Qi County authorities dare to present the two videos in their entirety?

And what is the reason why the mother and daughter of the Ye family cannot return home for a year? Have they been threatened? If yes, who is threatening them? Is it Liu Qingyan or Hou Qiang, Party Secretary of Houtang Village? Or an umbrella for these people?

Police “normal” handling cases?Take the phone first and then take it away

In addition, the third point reported by the Qi County authorities, “about the disappearance of the deceased’s daughter Ye Mouting”, is also different from what Ye Mouting said.

The statement stated that “during the normal handling of the case”, the family members of the deceased continued to publish “false remarks” such as “the murderer is at large” and “Ye Mouting lost contact” on online social media, which “had a negative impact on the normal handling of the case”.

The statement made by the Qi County authorities here obviously means that “the murderer is at large” is not true. This is obviously cheating and changing the concept secretly. What the family members said “the murderer is at large” should refer to the culprit Liu Qingyan. This is a fact, and Liu Qingyan did not appear in the briefing issued by the authorities.

As for “Ye Mouting lost contact”, the Qi County authorities have their own explanation. Claiming that on December 6, in the presence of Ye Mouting’s boyfriend, the Qi County police “brought him back for investigation” “after showing his credentials”. This is obviously in response to netizens looking for people on the Internet.

There is a “missing person notice” on the Internet. “Ye Ting, female, 22 years old, from Qixian County, Kaifeng. On the morning of December 6, seven or eight men from Qixian County took her mobile phone away! They took her away by force! The family has not been contacted yet!”

The “Ye Ting” mentioned here refers to Ye Mouting. Because the account name of her posting news online is “Ye Ting”, the news about Ye Mou Ting on the Internet all use the name “Ye Ting”, but they are actually the same person. But in order for everyone to hear clearly, I also use the name “Ye Ting”.

Qi County authorities said the police “showed their credentials” before taking Ye Ting away. The implication is that the police followed normal procedures to enforce the law and “brought Ye Ting back for investigation”.

However, the missing persons notice stated that there were “seven or eight men.” This statement reminds us that these people probably did not wear police uniforms and did not show their IDs. If they wore police uniforms and showed their IDs, I believe the family members would not issue such missing person notices.

And judging from the description in the missing persons notice, the seven or eight men first “stolen” Ye Ting’s mobile phone, and then “forcibly took her away”. This approach is more like the behavior of rogue bandits. To be precise, rogue bandits are carrying out “kidnapping” and are suspected of illegal detention.

But after people’s enthusiasm for searching for people on the Internet came up, a reversal of the plot came up. Claiming that Ye Ting was at the Public Security Bureau, and claiming that the seven or eight men were police officers, Qi County authorities said this was “normal handling.”

A mainland lawyer wrote on Weibo, “A girl in her early 20s was taken away by seven or eight men of unknown origin. Does this matter have anything to do with your case handling unit? If it doesn’t matter, then they are Who? Has their brutal violence been filed for investigation? If so, then it’s time to review the physical fitness of your case investigators. Is it enough to catch a little girl and seven or eight people? It’s not enough to send out so many people if you catch a bison I used to feel that her father’s experience was very tragic, but now I find that his daughter’s experience is not only tragic, but also terrifying!”

Ye Ting’s second sister complained again to Qi County

After Ye Ting was taken away and lost contact, the Internet received a lot of attention, and many big Vs also joined the ranks of tracing and exposure. The name “Ye Ting” once rushed to Weibo’s hot search, and the number of hits quickly exceeded 100 million.

However, Weibo quickly cooperated with the authorities and removed “Ye Ting” from the trending searches, and deleted a large number of related videos. But the attention on the Internet is still very high, and some related posts of netizens can be searched on Weibo.

Someone called the local township government, and the staff of the township government responded, “The police station has opened a case for investigation and attaches great importance to it.”

Today (8th), a staff member of the Qi County Public Security Bureau stated that the person involved was in the Public Security Bureau and was “suspected of a crime and is under investigation.”

The matter that Ye Ting reported was not resolved, but Ye Ting who reported was arrested and accused of “breaking the law”. Those who report with their real names have become “false” commentators, and reporting with their real names is illegal.

Why did I say at the beginning that this is the third major drama staged by the CCP this year? That’s why. Reporting that her father was beaten to death, first kidnapped by bandits, and then the police said she was “guilty”.

Just as I was about to end today’s topic, I came across a video sent by Ye Ting’s second sister. Ye Ting’s second sister knelt in front of the camera, holding her ID card in her right hand and reading out the report letter in her left hand.

[Original Video]I am reporting with my real name. I am Ye Ting’s second sister. After a while, I saw the official statement that “what my sister said is not true”, so I would like to ask what is the truth? Is my father alive? Or has the matter with my father been settled? Or did the murderer get the punishment he deserved? I take the initiative to ask people from all walks of life to monitor and verify whether what I say below is true.

My father has been lying in the morgue for a year and a half. The case filed by the police station has not made any new progress so far. The culprit, Liu Qingyan, is still at large. Only his younger brother Liu Qingyi and uncle Liu Dejian have been detained, and the trial has not yet been held. There hasn’t been a court session yet, right?

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At noon on December 6, Ye Xiaoling received a call from the school teacher saying that Ye Ting had been taken away by several men. We contacted Ye Ting in the morning, but we couldn’t get in touch with Ye Ting. In the end, there was no other way, and a missing person notice was issued on the Internet. ff

Later, for some reason, my sister would show up at the police station in my hometown while desperately deleting her friends. The whole family searched for her, but no one was found, but Ye Xiaoling was arrested. Then the police station, Ye Xiaoling, didn’t know that Ye Ting had been forced to sign, and said three or four times to let Ye Ting out.

After Ye Xiaoling called three or four times, the police station was extremely irritable and said, “Ye Xiaoling is not willing to write a guarantee letter, nor is she willing to sign it.” The police station said, “If you don’t sign, you won’t let me go,” but she was still unwilling to sign, so she had no choice but to release Ye Xiaoling.

Ye Ting has not been released yet, may I ask how much crime Ye Ting has committed? People were taken away from the school forcibly, and detained quietly at the police station.

What I said above is all true, yet Qi County even reported that we made false statements. Which one of the above is not true? Which one is misleading public opinion? At the same time, people from all walks of life are invited to supervise and verify.

May I ask who can make the official release such untrue remarks? To attack the facts? Death also includes the murderer. I ask the leader to be the master of my family, give me justice, let my father… let my father…

Ye Ting is mentally disturbed and Qi County threatens to jail her for 5 years

Not long after the video of Second Sister Ye Ting was released, I got another latest news. After the police in Qi County detained Ye Ting for three days, Ye Ting was released today (8th), but Ye Ting seems to have lost her mind.

A person claiming to be Ye Ting’s younger sister revealed on Weibo that the Qi County police released Ye Ting on bail without the family’s knowledge. At around eleven o’clock at night, the police threw Ye Ting on the side of the road, and then called her family to come pick her up.

The video shows that Ye Ting has become silly. His eyes were dull, and he didn’t seem to respond to everything around him.

Another video shows Ye Ting’s mother kneeling on the road, crying and kowtowing to people, while many police officers are watching from afar.

Not far from her mother, Ye Ting also knelt on the road. But she didn’t cry like her mother, but played with the mask foolishly, and then walked kneeling and crawling, with a painful expression on her face.

According to Ye Ting’s sister, Ye Ting had become “mentally disturbed” and later began to “yell for help”. But people from Qi County notified Ye Ting’s mother, claiming that “Ye Ting will be sentenced to 5 years in prison.”

It is also revealed that during her detention, Ye Ting was forced to sign her name and have her fingerprints taken. The police filed a file against her and charged her with an unfounded charge.

Ye Ting reported her case with her real name for more than a year, but the police ignored and did not deal with the content of the report, allowing the murderer to escape justice. After the real-name report video was released on the Internet, the authorities sent seven or eight men to forcibly take her away.

After the online public opinion boiled, the plot immediately reversed. The police said that Ye Ting was guilty, detained her for three days, and then released her on bail pending trial. But still did not forget to threaten to be sentenced to 5 years in prison.

This is the legendary mainland China, this is the legendary “human rights are five times better”, and even more so is the legendary “every case must be established and every lawsuit must be resolved”. Everything happened under the CCP.

No matter how exciting the Hollywood blockbusters are, they may not be as exciting as the performances of the Qixian police and Qixian government, but this is just a little shadow of the CCP’s rule. There are thousands of Ye Tings in mainland China.

What happened to Ye Ting? Why does a person become insane after being kidnapped by the police for three days? What had the police done to her? I can’t imagine it, let go of our thinking and can’t imagine it, and I dare not imagine it.

Because we never know how evil the CCP is, and what it can’t do. This is no ordinary regime, it is a real devil, a devil that kills without blinking. What a misfortune to be born in China ruled by the CCP!
Please move to a clean world

The above is what I want to share with you today. The same video content will be uploaded completely on the platform of Clean World every day. You can also watch our programs when you go to Clean World. The website link has been placed in the text, and the bottom of the video will also be pinned to the top, and everyone can click to go there.

The news point of view is going over to the platform of clean world. Because YouTube has too many restrictions, there are many contents that we cannot talk about or touch. And a clean world allows us to have no pressure, and we don’t have to think about yellow labels and red labels. As long as the content is not promoting pornography, violence and crime, we can talk about it.

This is exactly what we self-media people need, especially the self-media that only tells the truth, only tells the truth, and only reports the truth, like News Kandian, needs such a platform even more. In fact, traditional media also need it, because only true reports have vitality.

Therefore, we will focus on the platform of the clean world in the future, and gradually make this the main battlefield. As far as I know, there are many self-media big Vs and celebrities who are slowly moving to a clean world.

In addition, I would like to tell you that the member channel “Muyang Watch” of News Watch is also regularly updated, and many of them are our exclusive content. For example, Five Generations performed the Destiny series, the secrets of Taiwan’s development of nuclear weapons, and so on. I also hope that everyone can subscribe and support it. You can help us by saving a cup of coffee every month.

Alright, viewers, that’s all for today’s content. Goodbye, viewers.

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Editor in charge: Li Hao

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