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Nick Bril responds for the first time to an accident involving an assistant chef: “We hope to hear favorable news from the hospital soon”

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Star chef Nick Bril (40) has responded on Instagram to the accident in which he hit his intern Joe Claridge (37) in a drunken state after a staff party. “Hopefully we will hear favorable news from the hospital soon.”

“As many of you may have heard, the start of the new year has started in dramatic fashion. After a wonderful moment with the entire Jane family, Joe, one of our interns, was seriously injured in a particularly tragic way. The accident has a huge impact on Joe and his loved ones,” Bril wrote on Instagram.

It was around 6 a.m. when Bril left the star restaurant The Jane on Monday, January 8, and got into his Land Rover Defender. A staff party had taken place there that lasted until the early hours. Bril drove out of his parking space and hit Joe Claridge (37), with whom he had just left the restaurant. The Brit had been doing an internship at The Jane for a week. Bril himself called the emergency services and saw how his kitchen helper was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

According to our sources, camera images would show that Claridge was already on the ground before the collision. This is probably why the star chef could not see the man. According to reliable sources, Bril had a blood alcohol level of 1.67 per mille at the time of the tragedy. Such alcohol intake undeniably affects a driver’s reaction speed, and can also affect his vision. The investigation is currently ongoing.

“I think of Joe and his family all the time, and have the utmost hope that he will make the best recovery possible. He is being helped by the best medical professionals. The situation continues to receive my full attention and concern. Naturally, I will continue to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.”

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“The entire team at The Jane and our loved ones are extremely committed to this difficult situation. I did not expect the understanding and support from family and friends, colleagues, guests and even strangers and it gives me enormous courage. The team continues to give the very best of themselves. We try to continue to professionally implement the shared passion for the culinary world and hospitality together with great respect. Hopefully we will soon hear favorable news from the hospital.”

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