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Nicolás Arrieta and Westcol involved in a fight over a vehicle

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Nicolás Arrieta and Westcol involved in a fight over a vehicle

Why did Westcol and Nicolás Arrieta fight?

Having said this, Westcol showed WhatsApp conversations with Arrieta in which it was possible to read how the latter would allegedly be asking the paisa to sign some documents for the transfer of the motorcycle that he gave him. However, in the same conversation, the Bogotano is insistent and incisively pressures the paisa to expedite the process.

The paisa influencer commented in his live broadcast that the way in which such a process was being requested seemed very strange to him, because he felt “unnecessary pressure”. The paisa replied to Arrieta that he did not have time to make such a request, since he was informed of this process without advance notice, since the motorcycle would not be used outside Westcol properties according to him. Given this, the Bogotano wrote:

“Expert go and sign and you keep it. She is yours with love, but help me with that and that’s it, don’t be that cocky,” she said. However, before Westcol’s response to his limited time and his intention to return the vehicle, Arrieta exploded and began to raise the tone of his messages to a threatening one: “If you have bad friends, ask them about me and who they know me. So that you suddenly know a little, I don’t talk about that ”, can be read in the exposed chat.

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