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Night barrels against wild boars, residents’ protest rages

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Bollengo. “Here we no longer sleep, people also get sick because they don’t sleep.” Controversy on social media with the mayor, who has given priority to vaccinations


The case of barrels fired in the night breaks out to remove wild boars from cultivated fields. However, it is not only the automatically regulated cannon-gas cylinder with an interval between the detonations that make a great noise, putting the animals to flight, but also the mayor, Luigi Ricca. In the face of the protests of a resident, angry at not being able to sleep a wink because of the noise, and like her many others. A reaction that the person concerned, Loredana Scaravaglione, digested badly, so much so that she let off steam with a post on the Facebook page dedicated to Bollengo. And here the social controversy is served.

The Sentinel of May 7 in a minute

«Last weekend – declares Scaravaglione – starting from 11 pm and up to 6.30 am, at regular intervals of five minutes, barrels similar to shots exploded. Noises heard throughout the area that caused dogs, including mine, to bark. On Tuesday, I reported the problem to the Municipality, reiterating it to the mayor in the evening, when he phoned me to notify me of the availability of a vaccine. Apart from the fact that I do not fall into the age group concerned at the moment, and I would not have passed in front of the weaker groups, I was waiting for answers on the problem raised. Answers that then arrived, but with tones that were anything but friendly, not very suitable for a first citizen ».

Ricca’s reply was immediate, busy all day at the vaccination center set up in the village. “But no one asks himself why I am a little angry?” I could not interrupt the vaccination commitment to immediately dedicate myself to wild boars, also because the stake was the risk of wasting some vaccines in the face of the fact that many people had not shown up. So, on the insistence on the barrels, I too blurted out, saying that at that moment everyone’s priority was health. However, I have not forgotten his problem: in the evening I checked who I thought might be causing the bangs ».

Verify that it had the desired effect, because the next night passed in silence. The cannon resumed firing on Wednesday night but, says Scaravaglione, «with very muffled noises and thinned out over time. I fully agree with your reasoning about health, but you get sick even if you don’t sleep. Like me, others have spent sleepless nights ». The problem of wild boars remains. «The situation has never been more serious than this year – explains Ricca – There is discontent among the farmers who have been forced to sow repeatedly. In one case even four times, before giving up. I have sent four letters to the Region, the Metropolitan City of Turin and the ATC asking to intervene. In recent months, two hunts have been carried out as part of the containment plan. A total of 7 specimens have been killed, but many remain ». –

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