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Ningbo, Zhejiang: Advocate retail drugstores to dismantle and sell drugs for epidemic prevention and control

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Ningbo, Zhejiang: Advocate the dismantling and retailing of drugs for epidemic prevention and control in retail pharmacies

According to the “Ningbo release” WeChat public account, in order to better ensure the safety and accessibility of public medication, on December 22, the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued “About Advocating the Dismantling and Retailing of Epidemic Prevention and Control Drugs in Retail Drugstores in the City” Notice”.


Retail pharmacies throughout the city implement the regulation of purchasing one box (bottle) of antipyretic drugs per person with their ID card.


On the basis of ensuring the quality and safety of drugs, retail pharmacies in Ningbo are encouraged to disassemble and sell drugs for epidemic prevention and control, and strictly abide by the following requirements:

①Retail pharmacies should carry out training on dismantling and retail sales of employees to standardize the work of dismantling drugs.

② The dismantling workbench and tools should be kept clean and hygienic to prevent cross-contamination.

③Records of dismantling and retail sales should be made in accordance with the requirements of the “Quality Management Standards for Drug Distribution”.

④ Clean and hygienic packaging should be used for disassembly and retail sales, and the name, specification, quantity, usage, dosage, expiration date, and name of the pharmacy should be indicated on the packaging.

⑤ The original or photocopy of drug instructions should be provided for dismantling and retail sales.

⑥During the dismantling and retailing period, retail pharmacies should keep the original packaging and instructions.

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The general public is requested to purchase medicines in a rational and orderly manner and on demand, and do not blindly hoard medicines, and leave medicines for patients who are really in urgent need.

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