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Ningxia carries out aftermath disposal of gas explosion accident in barbecue shop

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2023-06-24 10:54:40 Source: Xinhuanet


Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, June 23rd Question: Ningxia carries out aftermath disposal of gas explosion accident in barbecue shop

Xinhua News Agency reporters Ai Fumei and Hou Xuejing

Since the gas explosion accident at Fuyang Barbecue Restaurant in Yinchuan, Ningxia, Ningxia has taken a number of measures to deal with the aftermath, formulated a “one person, one policy” treatment plan, evacuated residents near the accident site, carried out psychological counseling and comfort work for the families of the casualties, and investigated and rectified safety Hidden dangers in production.

At around 20:40 on the 21st, a gas explosion occurred at the Fuyang Barbecue Restaurant in Yinchuan City, Ningxia, killing 31 people and injuring 7 others (one of the wounded was discharged from the hospital after going to the hospital for standard treatment that night due to his minor injuries). After the accident, Yinchuan City actively carried out the treatment of the wounded. The Yinchuan Municipal Health Commission immediately mobilized 18 ambulances and more than 70 emergency medical personnel to the scene of the accident to rescue the wounded, and determined that the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University was the designated hospital for the treatment of the wounded in this accident, and established a green channel for transfer and treatment.

On the 22nd, 4 clinical experts dispatched by the Ministry of Emergency Management and 2 clinical experts dispatched by the National Health Commission arrived in Yinchuan one after another, and formed a joint expert group with local medical forces to formulate a treatment plan for each wounded.

At present, the six hospitalized wounded are recovering well. “Today, two patients with trauma and superficial burns have reached the discharge standard. After observation and exclusion of respiratory tract inhalation injury, combined injuries and other problems, they will be discharged soon.” Lu Guozhong, director of the National Emergency Medical Research Center, said, regarding the burn situation For the seriously injured, wound debridement has been completed, and symptomatic treatment will be given according to the examination of their lungs and airways.

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At the same time, Yinchuan City worked hard to appease the casualties and their families. Xingqing District has specially set up a family reception service team, arranged 4 medical staff to provide medical rescue guarantee for family members at any time, and organized 20 psychological counselors to carry out psychological counseling.

In order to prevent secondary disasters, Ningxia urgently evacuated 64 residents of 2 residential buildings and 4 units near the barbecue shop to surrounding hotels, and assigned special personnel to do emotional comfort work.

After the accident, Ningxia focused on key risk areas and carried out a large-scale inspection and rectification of production safety. For the gas field, all townships and communities in Yinchuan City have carried out full-coverage and carpet-based investigation and rectification of gas-related catering establishments in a grid-based manner. Gas operators who do not meet the conditions and do not actively rectify the hidden dangers of the problem shall be strictly banned or revoked in accordance with the law, and ordered to suspend business for rectification. operate.

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