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No buses are running: Warning strike in the private and public bus industry | > – News

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No buses are running: Warning strike in the private and public bus industry |  > – News

As of: March 1, 2024 10:20 a.m

Drivers of private bus companies across the country are scheduled to go on strike until Friday evening. Since this morning, the municipal bus companies in Kiel, Neumünster, Lübeck and Flensburg have also been on strike.

The bus drivers’ strike continued and expanded today. In addition to the employees of the private bus companies, the drivers of the municipal companies are also stopping their work today. “In Schleswig-Holstein, almost nothing will go to the bus companies today,” said a spokesman for the ver.di union.

After drivers of private bus companies in Schleswig-Holstein have been on strike since Monday, employees of municipal bus companies in the independent cities of Kiel, Lübeck, Neumünster and Flensburg are now also on strike. Ver.di called for a three-day strike on Wednesday following the failed collective bargaining negotiations with employers.

Strike every weekend until the next hearing date

A spokesman for the union told NDR Schleswig-Holstein that they had deliberately not called for a warning strike on public bus transport in the run-up to the conversation on Wednesday because the employers had signaled a rapprochement. However, there was no actual rapprochement during the negotiations. That’s why they now want to increase the pressure. And because the next negotiation date is not scheduled to take place for four weeks, ver.di announced that after the current warning strike, it would then call for a warning strike every weekend from 3:30 p.m. on Fridays to Sunday evenings.

A ver.di spokesman rates the strike in the private bus industry as successful. However, according to the Omnibus Association North (OVN), some of the private companies on strike had provided replacements. The effects were therefore not as bad as expected, said a spokesman.

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Demonstrations for better public transport in the north

Support for better local transport also comes from Fridays For Future. The environmental movement has organized numerous demonstrations throughout northern Germany today. Events take place in Kiel, Lübeck and Flensburg, among others. “These strikes in local public transport – they are also climate strikes,” explains Darya Sotoodeh, spokeswoman for Fridays for Future Germany. The expansion of public transport is the decisive factor in reducing emissions in the transport sector. They also demand better working conditions and more staff in local transport.

These private companies are affected by the warning strike

Dithmarschenbus as well as car power in North Frisia, Rendsburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Flensburg, Segeberg, Bad Oldesloe, Eutin and Heiligenhafen. There is one there Notfahrplan.Parts from Aktiv Bus in Flensburg. There, lines 8, 11, 12 and 14 run according to a special timetable.Transdev in Husum and Bredstedt (both Nordfriesland district) and RendsburgThe district traffic company in Pinneberg (KViP) announces, that no company buses will run.the Elite Traffic GmbHRohde transport company in North Friesland and Ostholstein announces massive restrictions. Lines that still run lists the company on its website.Stambula BustouristikDahmetal in the Duchy of Lauenburg and Stormarn districts.The Ahrensburger Busbetriebsgesellschaft (ABG) in the Stormarn district.

The KIELIUS airport bus should continue to run during the warning strike. The X85 line also runs between Lübeck and Fehmarn, and ALFA trips also take place in the Ostholstein district. Autokraft also wants to ensure special trips as far as possible.

Negotiations on new collective agreements

Ver.di is calling, among other things, for a reduction in weekly working hours and longer minimum rest periods for bus drivers in municipal and private bus transport.

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The ver.di union is negotiating in parallel with the municipal employers’ associations in all federal states – except Bavaria – about new collective agreements for employees in public transport. In Schleswig-Holstein, ver.di is calling for, among other things, the introduction of a 35-hour week without financial losses, the limitation of shift lengths to a maximum of ten hours, minimum rest periods of twelve hours between individual shifts, more vacation days or more vacation pay. “The employers first put themselves and the passengers in this precarious position with a disqualifying offer and then with public statements,” said Frank Schischefsky, spokesman for ver.di Nord.

The OVN had strikes in the private bus industry Described as “unnecessary and superfluous” earlier this month. A reduction in weekly working hours to 35 hours is not feasible, also because there are too few drivers. Another hearing date is planned for March 5th.

Lack of staff is a big problem

Transport companies suffer from a persistent shortage of staff. In order to cover staffing needs, companies would need 800 new bus drivers every year, say the Association of German Transport Companies and the Bus Association North. The Hamburg-Holstein transport company (VHH) alone is currently lacking around a hundred drivers.

The action is not the first industrial action in local public transport this year. In mid-February, 2,500 people demonstrated in front of the state house in Kiel. Together with the ver.di union and the environmental movement Fridays for Future, the employees presented a petition for an expansion and better financing of public transport to Bundestag member Matthias Stein (SPD).

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Further information

The warning strike week reaches its climax in the north. Ver.di and “Fridays for Future” are also jointly calling for a climate strike day. more

They presented politicians with a petition for better financing of public transport. Bus traffic started again on Saturday. more

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