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No More Delay – Mashriq TV

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No More Delay – Mashriq TV

Although the police operation in Zaman Park Lahore has increased the factor of change in the situation by the time these lines are written, but if the political and judicial matters are kept separately, the importance of political negotiations has increased in spite of both cases. Without which it is not possible to reduce the tension. Earlier, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has given an indication of negotiations and has urged the government to fix a date and place for a meeting of all political parties at one table so that all Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has also hinted at talks, on the other hand, Imran Khan has adopted a conciliatory tone and said that he is ready to talk to everyone. One can only pray that history does not repeat itself this time. It should be remembered that the last time there was an opportunity to talk between all parties was when the Prime Minister called an all-party conference in February and the country including Imran Khan. All political leadership to discuss ways to overcome the challenges facing the country Yes, what was invited, but that bull could not go down, but on the contrary, the tension increased, the results of which are in front of you today. Ready to invite all the central leadership of the parliamentary parties to resolve their disputes through dialogue and to hold free, fair and transparent elections. So that all parliamentary parties resolve their disputes through dialogue and other important public issues. Pay attention to inflation, devaluation of currency and unemployment etc. There is no need to repeat that due to the economic conditions of the country, we are now in a struggle to convince ourselves of our defense capabilities and some tested American elements. The main reason for all these factors that have interfered in our internal affairs is that the country’s leadership and politicians are rolling around like a cut kite and the economic conditions of the country are getting worse day by day. The main reason is the political instability and internal affairs, although now the political leadership m An atmosphere of remembrance seems to be forming, but despite this, this matter will be determined only when formal contacts begin and negotiations begin. Be it the political parties involved in the government coalition or Tehreek-e-Insaf, they should have come to their senses a long time ago. The appearance of such a demand should be enough to open the eyes of the entire political leadership as far as talks are concerned. And they have reached the impassable wall, so they felt the need for it. It would have been better if the parties had shown the behavior that has been shown now, when the invitation for negotiations was given earlier. It is too late and a lot of water has flowed under the bridges, due to inflation and other factors including internal affairs of the country, now the situation has crossed the unspeakable limit. So don’t call it “forgotten” because it will be forced to prove it, and even if PDM and PTI are late, it will still be true. If you seriously consider the issues and come to a positive conclusion, it would be good if politics and judicial matters should be kept separate and only by doing this the matter can move forward. Seeing the possibility of change in direction and increase in volatility, if the course of changing the course continues, there will never be a political reconciliation and the country will continue to suffer from crisis in crisis until the elections for two provinces and dozens of seats in the National Assembly. But as far as the differences are concerned, it would be appropriate to decide on a formula in this regard that instead of two elections, general elections should be agreed on once in the whole country and the political parties should ensure that they do not have any kind of Instead of interference and hand-holding, the decision will be made transparently by the people and whichever party or alliance the people choose will be allowed to form their government in a good manner. The election results will be accepted openly. Forming the government and playing the democratic role of other opposition to the country Both the government and the opposition will fulfill their national and political responsibility to get out of this difficulty, then the way forward for the country will be paved, which is urgently needed in these circumstances.

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