Home News “No one can negotiate peace”: Petro to false offers to drug traffickers

“No one can negotiate peace”: Petro to false offers to drug traffickers

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“No one can negotiate peace”: Petro to false offers to drug traffickers

The president, Gustavo Petro, responded to the statements of Semana Magazine about the alleged cartel of lawyers that demanded up to 1 million dollars from drug traffickers to be benefited in the peace policy that your government advances.

The head of state clearly and emphatically assured that “no one can negotiate peace that is not our commissioner Danilo Rueda. Neither militants, lawyers, officials, nor my relatives at any level are empowered to negotiate peace.”

“The expectations of peace that we have generated are also business for avivatos,” commented the president, who added that the only one who can approach or establish negotiation tables is Commissioner Danilo Rueda.

It should be remembered that on April 12, 2022, the president’s brother, Juan Fernando Petro, met with Iván Moreno in La Picota prison in Bogotá. Fact that became controversial, since the then candidate for the House of Nariño had to clarify the reasons for said visit.

Petro, at that time, assured that his brother “made the visit with the purpose of talking about social forgiveness.”

For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, has asked “nor demonize total peace”, since the advances of the government such as the bilateral cessation with armed groups such as Clan del Golfo and the Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra Nevada are a necessary process and the desire for dialogue is maintained.

Similarly, the Minister Prada, responded to the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, that this ambitious “Total Peace” project is unprecedented and that he is misinterpreting the model by saying that “There had never been a bilateral cessation with drug trafficking organizations before, it is like making a bilateral ceasefire with Pablo Escobar or the Cali cartel,” he said. Barbosa.

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