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No one seems safe from ‘killer cat’ in Dutch village: “It was like in a movie”

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The streets of the Dutch village of Rijsenhout are being made unsafe by an aggressive cat, NH Nieuws writes. The animal struck for the umpteenth time last week and was therefore nicknamed the ‘killer cat’ by local residents. Even the police are now involved in the story.

Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 10:11 PM

Last week the cat attacked an owner and his dog when they were walking in the alley from the Boeierstraat to the Zeilhof in Rijsenhout. The dog was injured in the neck during the attack. The owner escaped unscathed.

It is not the first time that the cat has attacked humans and animals. The cat, infamous in the village, has already struck several times in that same alley.

Like in a movie

For example, an owner of a labradoodle saw her dog being attacked by the ‘killer cat’. When she wanted to protect her dog, the cat dug its nails into her jeans. When she tried to shake the cat off, the woman fell to the ground. “It was really like in a movie,” the woman tells NH News.

The local resident also testifies that since the cat attack, she no longer walks ‘relaxed’ through her neighborhood: “I’m afraid that the animal will suddenly come around the corner again.” According to the woman, the animal resembles the cat that appears on Sheba cat food packages.

Another local resident tells NH Nieuws that she witnessed a cat attack in January. “It really was a killer cat, first the dog, then you,” she describes the attack. “I now call him the karate cat.” She still walks through the alley regularly, but has not seen the cat since January.

District police officer

Earlier this week, a local police officer visited the owner after a resident appealed to keep the cat indoors.

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After this home visit, the police emphasize that it is ‘a storm in a teacup’. “I got a good view of the owner and the cat was calm,” says the police officer. No measures will be taken for the time being. “We are keeping an eye on it, but we are waiting,” said the police, who did not reveal the cat’s owner.

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